The Cannabis Expo

Repubblica del Sud Africa.

Da giovedì, 23/03/2023 - Fino a domenica, 26/03/2023


The Cannabis Expo is the global marketplace for education and innovative products and businesses serving the cannabis industry and its medicinal, agricultural, financial and lifestyle aspects. The expo hall at The Cannabis Expo features over 150 exhibitors representing the full spectrum of the cannabis industry.


The largest comprehensive cannabis convention to take place in Africa, with global industry leaders and local government representatives from across the region presenting talks and taking part in moderated panel discussions every hour on the Convention Stage throughout the
The Cannabis Expo.


The Freedom Festival is the ultimate event for cannabis enthusiasts, providing a vibrant outdoor festival environment where visitors, delegates and exhibitors at The Cannabis Expo congregate throughout the 4 days. The Festival Stage hosts popular bands, artists and DJs throughout the event.


The Shroom Expo, inside The Cannabis Expo, is a first of its kind on the African continent and includes an informative psilocybin mushroom gallery as well as featuring The Psilocybin Stage hosting local and international industry experts discussing a broad range of psilocybin mushroom and psychedelic-related topics.


Visitors to The Cannabis Expo can browse and enjoy the latest in cannabis-infused and cannabis-inspired culinary delights at The Cannabis Food Market. With a wide range of cannabis-infused meals, snacks and drinks on offer, visitors can choose to indulge and treat their palates while enjoying a cannabidiol buzz.