Canna Swiss Cup


Da sabato, 25/05/2024 - Fino a sabato, 25/05/2024

CannaSwissCup 2023/24

Founded in 1998, put on hold in 2006 and brought back to life in 2017:
The CannaSwissCup – the choice of the best Swiss cannabis strains.

How does the CannaSwissCup work?

Interested producers should register their varieties by December 31st.

In January, the varieties are submitted and tested for THC, CBD, cbg, nicotine, pesticides and mycotoxins and a terpene analysis is carried out. A VIP jury then selects the best varieties from the Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse and Hash categories for the jury card. The jury card can be purchased by all adults living in Switzerland or Lichtenstein.

The jury members have until May 25, 2024 to test the varieties and determine the best in each category (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse and hash) online or at CannaTrade.

All varieties are anonymized throughout the entire process. The analysis results, variety names and producers will only be published by the CannaSwissCup association after the award show .