Break-up Cake

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You’ve got to celebrate everything in this life, and that includes love and heartbreak. Since you’re all familiar with Wedding Cake feminised marijuana seeds, we’ve put a Break-up Cake in the oven at the Kannabia Seed Company – because things don’t always go well, and we sometimes need a friendly seed to lean on.

Break-Up Cake has a base of Girl Scout Cookies, one of North America’s best-known strains, which is earthy with a very potent indica effect. And we top it off with a delicious Cherry Pie which, in addition to giving it an elegant dark attire, adds a silky, deeply sweet flavour of cherries and berries. Look no further – it’s the perfect cake.

This seed will be celebrated for its ease of cultivation and abundant production. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make this year. But if it’s going to be memorable for one thing, it’s for its sweet complex flavour that’s full of contrasts. If we have to break up, let’s do it sweetly and amicably, right?

Cultivation of Break-Up Cake

Break-Up Cake is an “all-terrain” marijuana seed, which will adapt to the place you allocate to it. An ode to independence, it’s a plant with only the most basic needs that knows how to grow by itself.

It’s a pale branching plant with tremendous dark green leaves, purple tips, and an icing sugar coating of trichomes. Its immense buds are some of the stickiest ones we’ve found in our seed bank recently.

Indoors, it needs 60 days of flowering to give no less than 600 grams per square metre. Use a Screen of Green method without hesitation, or plant it using hydroponics if you want to obtain the full benefit of its potency.

Outdoors, it reaches two metres in height with a harvest of 800 grams per plant, which is reason enough to give it a go. Like a good break-up cake, this plant doesn’t need to live with a partner, and knows how to live well in a Guerrilla plot. Between 25th and 10th October is its moment.

Taste and effect of Break-up Cake

Very relaxing but not causing lethargy, it’s a good indica-dominant plant. Its effect is mellow (we’re too old for childish games). It calms the consumer but it also gives rise to creative moments. Head on up to the top floor, later to make your way, little by little, down to the kitchen later (where you might want to give in to temptation if you need to stimulate your hunger).

The flavour is full of nuances. It will remind you of a vanilla sponge or cheese cake: you’ll notice a cherry topping, something sweet that you can’t quite distinguish, and an earthy undertone on a biscuit base… You’ve got to sample it to know it.

New, Genetica americana

Break-up Cake

Break-up Cake
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Video e foto “Il prodotto ricevuto può variare dalle immagini”

La nostra Break-Up Cake è un dolce e sofisticato seme di marijuana, con un sapore di ciliegie e frutti di bosco su uno sfondo terroso, un dessert per adulti. È a predominanza indica e il suo rilassamento stimola anche momenti di ispirazione e attività spensierata.

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Indica Indica


Sativa Sativa

Periodo di fioritura

Corto Corto


Lungo Lungo


Bassa Bassa


Alta Alta


Poco intenso Poco intenso


Molto intenso Molto intenso

Seme: Seme: Femminizzato

CBD: <0,5 %

Effetto: Equilibrato

THC: 21 %

Cultura: Idroponico, Guerrilla

Caratteristiche: Per principianti, Buona per estrazioni

Sapore: Citrico, Fruttato



Ciclo di fioritura: 60 giorni

Produzione: 600 gr/m2



Raccolto: September - October

Produzione: 600 gr/pianta

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Resistente, resinosa con toques terroso y cítricos

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