The strongest cookie

“A Girl Scout is ready to help wherever she is needed”. It is one of the precepts of this North American organisation, one of the most deeply rooted and respected. But if the Scout Girls are popularly known for anything, it is for their handmade biscuits, of which there are officially three: Thin Mints, Trefoils and Do Si Dos. The latter, which are the ones filled with peanut butter, also give their name to one of the most popular feminised marijuana seeds among lovers of strong experiences, which we at Kannabia Seed Company have now decided to version with our own signature – Dosidos. 

The result is powerful, undeniably powerful, and sweet, undeniably sweet. The buds that come out of this plant are resinous and perfect for extractions. If someone were to think of using this essence in the production of real biscuits, it would not seem crazy to us. Indica 70% and sativa 30%, 100% strong.

The genetics in the Kannabia Seed Company version come from Girl Scout Cookies that generate an abundance of harvest with legendary potency. It is one of the best known seeds on the American west coast, precisely because the ascent is not recommended if you are afraid of heights. This strain is combined with an OG Kush that adds indica character to the mix and expansive branching. 

Growing Dosidos

Dosidos can be grown indoors and outdoors, although it is in sunlight that it will give the most cookies. However, its performance can give an indoor harvest of up to 500 grams per square metre. To do this you will have to practice a Screen of Green or, if you already have experience, a Super Cropping. The flowering period in this case is around 60 days.

If you take Kannabia’s Dosidos outdoors it will grow up to six feet tall and can yield 700 grams per plant. One of the qualities of this variety that has pleased us a lot is that it is resistant to cold, so if you live on a colder latitude you can grow it without fear. The buds are harvested between 25 September and 5 October and are deep green with violet hues. 

Flavor and Effect of Dosidos

Watch out for the Dosidos , which is sweet as candy and the climb is very high. It is a feminised marijuana seed known for its unusual THC level, which in our case we wanted to tame so that it would not be excessive. We have left it at 19% – which is already quite a lot. Once the euphoria is awakened, the relaxing comedown is unforgettable.

Its flavour is classic, the kind that everyone likes. Citrus, but also arboreal, with an air of pine and earth. A journey into the autumn of any Florida forest. This seed will be there wherever you need it.

New, Genetica americana


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Video e foto “Il prodotto ricevuto può variare dalle immagini”

Do si dos è il nome di un biscotto delle Girl Scout e di un potente e dolce seme di marijuana femminilizzato, anche se nella nostra versione ricorda più l'aroma di una foresta della Florida. Predominanza Indica per un'ascesa vertiginosa e un rilassamento duraturo.

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Indica Indica


Sativa Sativa

Periodo di fioritura

Corto Corto


Lungo Lungo


Bassa Bassa


Alta Alta


Poco intenso Poco intenso


Molto intenso Molto intenso

Seme: Seme: Femminizzato

CBD: <0,5 %

Effetto: Rilassante

THC: 19 %

Caratteristiche: Buona per estrazioni

Sapore: Citrico, Terroso



Ciclo di fioritura: 60 giorni

Produzione: 500 gr/m2



Raccolto: September - October

Produzione: 700 gr/pianta

Foto dei nostri clienti

sofiamariajimenez – Dosidos
sofiamariajimenez – Dosidos
sofiamariajimenez – Dosidos
sofiamariajimenez – Dosidos

Recensioni dei clienti

Ordina per


- 13/10/2022

9 de 10 Excelente

Variedad feminizada con un gran crecimiento y desarrollo.
Recomendable 1 o 2 trasplantes para sacarle todo su potencial.
No es necesario ponerla en una maceta gigante (15-20L es perfecto)
Ramas por todas partes repletas de hojas, las cuales te sorprenderán con un arcoiris en la última etapa de floración.
Muy buena adaptación a la humedad.
No requiere de cuidados especiales. Partir de un buen sustrato es fundamental para que tenga todos los nutrientes necesarios.
No te pases con los fertilizantes, menos es mas.
Sus terpenos son un caramelo, se saborean perfectamente.
Son dulces, potentes y aterciopelados.
Flores muy duras y repletas de resina.
(Vas a disfrutar mucho manicurándola)

sofiamariajimenez – Dosidos sofiamariajimenez – Dosidos sofiamariajimenez – Dosidos sofiamariajimenez – Dosidos


- 06/07/2022

10 de 10 Excelente

Easy strain to grow, very vigorous and a great yielding plant, I’d recommend this strain to newbies.

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