Pineapple Dream

A Caribbean Destination

If you need a mental vacation and dream of beach paradise full of palm trees, fine sand, and crystal clear waters, you can travel with this feminized cannabis seed that we have created at Kannabia Seed Company. It is a limited edition of which there are still units left, so don’t wait too long. This plane will take off shortly! 

The Pineapple Dream is the sweet result of combining the flavors of a Somango, the mythical seed of the Dutch Soma that we know so well and one we’ve used for other hybridizations, with a Pineapple and the west coast touch of the no less legendary Ed Rosenthal. It’s that ripe pineapple flavor that transports you to the Pacific Ocean and washes over you like a wave on Seven Mile Beach. 

It is a cannabis plant of sativa dominance, recommended for creating unforgettable moments in group settings, closer to a loving communion than to a hilarious party. However, it retains the citric base of its indica component, and its growth is easy to control. 

How to Grow Pineapple Dream

As mentioned above, it is easy to grow the Pineapple Dream seed and make the most of it. It is equally effective indoors and outdoors, and aesthetically speaking, it is another nod to the West Indies, with light green, ochre and brown tones that would blend beautifully with the turquoise of the Caribbean and the golden tone of the fine sand. 

As it grows, it develops a powerful central bud full of resin, so our experts recommend an apical pruning or a SCROG, in order to send part of its vegetal force towards the sides and to take more advantage of it. 

Indoors, its flowering period is around 9 to 10 weeks. It will also respond well to a Sea of Green. You will harvest between 450 and 500 grams per square meter

Outdoors, where apical pruning will be more effective to obtain a more balanced development, it can reach a height of one meter and 80 centimeters, and by the time you harvest in October in the northern hemisphere, it produces 500 grams per plant. Don’t over-fertilize it. Beyond this, it does not need much care, and you will be able to master its growth.

Flavor and Effect of the Pineapple Dream

The flavor is where we find one of the great virtues of the Pineapple Dream. With your eyes open, it will remind you of a tropical fruit smoothie; with your eyes closed, you will feel like you’re eating fresh pineapple on a beach paradise. You will notice that sweetness and that silky effect of exuberant cocktail typical of seeds with Skunk genetics.

This combined with its effect makes it an ideal plant for a sunny day (or to make a cloudy day a little less so). Its sativa dominance is noticeable in the cerebral effect that boosts activity and positivism. It is potent; we are talking about a THC of 19%, which is no small thing. Get off the couch and get moving; life is beautiful. There are also many users who attest to a stimulation of appetite, so it is useful in cases of eating disorders.

Edizione limitata

Pineapple Dream

Pineapple Dream
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Video e foto “Il prodotto ricevuto può variare dalle immagini”

Benvenuto nella tua spiaggia caraibica privata. Il sapore di ananas maturo della Pineapple Dream è una miscela tropicale a predominanza sativa molto stimolante. Cresce senza complicazioni e il suo effetto è molto potente. Ricorda che questo è uno dei nostri semi in edizione limitata!

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Indica Indica


Sativa Sativa

Periodo di fioritura

Corto Corto


Lungo Lungo


Bassa Bassa


Alta Alta


Poco intenso Poco intenso


Molto intenso Molto intenso

Seme: Seme: Femminizzato

CBD: <0,5 %

Effetto: Stimolante

THC: 19 %

Cultura: Idroponico

Caratteristiche: Resistente ai parassiti

Sapore: Fruttato, Dolce



Ciclo di fioritura: 61-70 giorni

Produzione: 450-500 gr/m2



Raccolto: October

Produzione: 550 gr/pianta

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emmanuel_kmg – Pineapple Dream

Recensioni dei clienti

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- 27/07/2022

8 de 10 Muy bueno

Sabor y aroma muy dulce. Es una golosina. Mucha cantidad de resina, ideal para extracciones.

emmanuel_kmg – Pineapple Dream


- 06/07/2022

10 de 10 Excelente

Wow, what a treat this one is, very fruity flavour and massive buds every where. 10/10 from me.

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