10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

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When it comes to the smell of marijuana, things aren’t always what they seem. If you’re walking past someone’s garden and you smell a strong scent of weed but you can’t see any cannabis plants, it may be that there is a Cleome spinosa shrub nearby, or a maned wolf marking its territory; or even a family pigging out on cheese and beer! These are just some of the things that smell a lot like marijuana!

If you’re one of those people who love the smell of cannabis, then it’s very likely that you’ve come across a certain place or object that smelled very similar to our beloved weed. This is caused by the terpenes and other organic substances that are found in many plant and animal species, and which are responsible for the usual smells we associate with cannabis. These include cat piss, resinous pine straw, or even fresh lawn clippings, which can all have a moist smell reminiscent of marijuana.

So although nothing will ever fully compare to the smell of some top-notch cannabis buds like those of our Colombian Jack or our Super OG Kush, here are some other things that smell more like marijuana than you could ever have imagined:

1- Beer

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

That’s right: beer can sometimes smell like marijuana. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that one of beer’s ingredients is hops. Certain types of hops used in beer brewing, like Cascade and Columbus, contain terpenes that can give off a scent similar to that of marijuana. And not only can hops smell and taste like cannabis, but they also derive from the same family, called Cannabaceae. This means that, in terms of botany, beer and cannabis are actually first cousins.

2- Cleome or spider flower

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

Not only does the spider flower, better known as Cleome spinosa, smell of weed, but it also has a similar appearance. Especially the leaves, which are formed of 7 leaflets; although in this case their edges are straight rather than serrated. The two plants are so similar that you must watch out if you’re growing cleome in a place where weed is illegal, as you run the risk of someone reporting you to the authorities by mistake. If you get close enough to this plant, you’ll smell an aroma that is similar to that of cannabis but with a minty overtone.

3- Crucianella or Caucasian crosswort

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

Unlike Cleome spinosa, this attractive plant doesn’t look like marijuana, but it certainly smells like it! In England, an elderly couple suffered a terrible experience when a group of burglars broke their door down in the small town of Winford. These thugs believed that there was a marijuana grow on the property due to the strange smell that came from it. It just happened that the couple were growing crucianella in their front yard!

4- Body sweat

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

Many people think that sweat smells like marijuana; and guess what: there’s a scientific explanation that may support this! This theory claims that terpenes (for instance, THC) could be present in sweat, as they are fat-soluble and could therefore be stored in our fat cells before being released during exercise or under the influence of heat. So, if you’re a chain smoker and you also sweat buckets, it is extremely possible that the sweat you produce has a strong marijuana scent.

5- Axe deodorant spray

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

Speaking of sweat, one of the quickest and easiest ways to mask the smell of weed at home is to use a strong deodorant spray. Funnily enough though, one of the most popular deodorant brands (Axe, aka Lynx in certain countries) doesn’t eliminate the smell of weed but actually enhances it! It seems that the whole range of ‘Touch’ deodorants by Axe has that smell of marijuana. We’re not sure whether the company has done this deliberately or whether it’s just an unfortunate coincidence.

6- Some types of cheese

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

Some cheeses, like Limburger and Munster, have a strong and pungent smell that can be reminiscent of marijuana. In fact, one of the best known cannabis genetics is called Cheese. The reason why this strain reminds us of cheese is due to a series of acids that can be found in the terpenes. One of them is caprylic or octanoic acid, which is also found in mammals’ milk. Something similar happens with isovaleric acid, which is produced during cheese making, and is reminiscent of the smell of sweaty feet.

7- Skunk

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

There is a good reason why one of the many nicknames for cannabis is ‘Skunk’. When skunks feel threatened, they release a fetid spray through their anal glands that contains sulphur and organic compounds called thiols, which are a kind of terpenoid. Essentially, many of the more than 120 terpenes found in marijuana also smell like thiols; hence the connection between the two.

8- Maned wolf urine

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

This South American canine uses its pee to mark its territory. The urine contains pyrazines, which are organic aromatic compounds used in the chemical communication of many organisms. In fact, the smell of urine of this leggy mammal bears a strange resemblance to the smell of cannabis. So much so that, in 2006, the police were called to the Rotterdam Zoo to search for pot smokers, only to find that the offensive smell actually came from the maned wolf toilet!

9- A burnt tyre

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

When rubber or a car tyre are burnt, they can release a strong, pungent odour that can be similar to the smell of weed. But when this musty smell comes from the buds themselves, then what you’re probably smelling is Neem oil, which is used in cannabis growing as a remedy against pests. In other words, if your weed smells like a burnt tyre, then your marijuana probably endured a mite infestation while it was being grown.

10- Your grandpa’s wardrobe

10 things that aren’t cannabis but smell a lot like marijuana

Smell some of the strains that have OG in their name, like our Hellfire OG, before saying that we’re wrong! Because the earthy, moist, and woody aromas that are so distinctive of cannabis can also be reproduced in an old wooden cabinet that has been closed for a long time. It’s the terpenes again, mate… Although it could always be that your grandfather smokes marijuana and keeps his supply in the closet!

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