How to make guerrilla growing as sustainable as possible

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Guerrilla growing can be the perfect option for those wanting to grow cannabis outdoors but who lack a space like a garden or a patio; or simply for those who have nosy neighbours. When done correctly, guerrilla growing can be a great method to get rich crops of marijuana in a sustainable way that’s also respectful of the planet.

Guerrilla growing is carried out in nature and is characterised by being located at a hidden site. It is usually done in the mountains, in places of limited accessibility where people don’t tend to go, as the main idea with this type of grow is to avoid being discovered.

There is an increasing number of people who are becoming aware of the need for sustainable practices to respect our planet. Growing cannabis outdoors, when done in a certain way, can be a method that helps safeguard the environment without having a negative impact on it.

How to set up a guerrilla grow

The most important thing when setting up a guerrilla grow is choosing the right place. As the name suggests, this is not just an ordinary grow, and its location is definitely crucial. The ideal scenario for this type of grow is to not be discovered by anyone, so you need to make sure that the place you choose is not easily accessible. This implies that you’ll have to choose a location in the middle of nature that people don’t normally walk by.

A space away from paths, residential areas, or from areas where there are signs of human presence. The more inhospitable and inaccessible your guerrilla grow is, the more likely you’ll be to get your plants to harvest time intact.

How to water your cannabis plants in a guerrilla grow

Watering marijuana plants in a guerrilla grow is a complicated issue: as the site is difficult to access, this complicates the task of transporting the water, as you don’t want to carry heavy drums over long distances.

Therefore, the best option is to find a place that has a clean water source nearby, for instance a river or a lake, from where you can get the water you need with relative ease without it becoming a titanic task. What’s more, some guerrilla growers choose locations where they know there is sufficient groundwater, which eliminates the need for watering altogether.

What type of substrate should be used in a guerrilla grow?

The soil you’ll find in the location you choose will probably not be the best for your marijuana plants. To obtain the best results, cannabis requires a specific range of nutrients, and the substrate has to comply with certain requirements in terms of aeration and drainage.

Therefore, many growers choose to use their own homemade substrate. Simply dig a hole large enough to cover the root mass of the plant, and fill it with the substrate of your choice.

Best cannabis strains for guerrilla growing

Choosing the cannabis varieties that best adapt to the guerrilla growing conditions will help you have a successful harvest. Therefore, best to keep this in mind when you’re buying your marijuana seeds:

  • Choose strains that are especially resistant to pests and fungi.
  • If you live in regions where the autumn rains come early, opt for varieties with a short flowering time, so they can be harvested in late September.
  • Due to their short life cycle, automatic strains can be a good option to avoid both pests and diseases, as well as inclement weather.

Lemon Haze Auto

If you are looking for an energizing and refreshing marijuana experience, Lemon Haze Auto is the perfect choice for you. With a high THC content (+18%), Lemon Haze Auto offers a very citric and refreshing taste. It is very easy to grow, making it suitable for beginners and experienced growers alike.

Camouflage and discretion: the bases of guerrilla growing

The most important thing about a guerrilla grow is making sure that nobody discovers it. Therefore, camouflage is essential. You can make use of the surrounding nature to make your plants go unnoticed. Some growers choose areas encircled by brambles and dig tunnels at ground level to access the grow. This way, the cannabis plants remain hidden behind a ‘natural wall’.

Another factor to be taken into consideration is the potent aroma released by the marijuana plants. This means that your grow must be at least 20 metres away from any nearby path or road. It’s also a good idea to alternate the point of access to the grow so that a path is not created naturally by always accessing it via the same route. This way, it’ll be harder for people to find a trace of your activity.

Respect for the environment is key to guerrilla growing

If you want your guerrilla grow to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, you will need to implement a number of additional measures:

  • It is important that the distance between the place of residence and the grow is as short as possible. That way, you’ll spend less time and money on travel, and you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint whilst also increasing the time available to look after your plants.
  • Don’t leave your trace in nature: always collect all the waste that is generated by your grow.
  • Use organic fertilisers: your plants will thank you for it by rewarding you with a higher quality taste. In addition, you won’t be leaving any residue in the soil when you finish your crop.
  • Don’t set up your grow in protected areas. These zones are especially at risk, and they need to be preserved. Remember that the ecosystem has a very delicate balance that could be altered by any activity.
  • Don’t use chemical pesticides: there are numerous biological products on the market to protect your plants from pests and fungi. Don’t choose those which can also harm other beneficial insects and the surrounding fauna. It is vital that you respect animal life and the microorganisms that live in the environment.
  • Respect the fauna: wanting to protect your plants from possible predators is understandable, but it’s better to build cages to surround your plants rather than place animal traps. Remember that they were there before you! You’re only a visitor to their habitat!
  • Don’t change the course of streams or watercourses by deviating part of the water to your crop: as we have mentioned before, the ecosystem is fragile; and, by doing so, you could be affecting many species that live in it.
  • Never cut trees down to get rid of the shade or to clear the ground. Deforestation is one of the most harmful practices for the environment, so make sure you respect the other plant species as if they were your own marijuana plants.

Now that you know all the top tips to set up a sustainable guerrilla grow, you only need to choose the outdoor varieties that you want to plant in the next season. What are you waiting for?

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