Israel boosts terapeutic cannabis in Cannatech summit

Israel boosts terapeutic cannabis in Cannatech summit

De: Roberto Kannabia Ativismo

annatech summit, held last 7, 8 and 9 March, shows Israel’s power when it comes to all related to the therapeutic cannabis industry, and it has positioned itself as the epicentre of innovation in the global market legal cannabis. Investors, start- ups, academics and scientists have gathered together to listen to proposals, combine knowledge and work around the most interesting discoveries. This has been the second meeting celebrated in the country under the name of Cannatech. The event has established an annual basis for its celebration, and its aim is to create a platform that helps to find innovative solutions for the international cannabis industry and also connects professionals in an international level. The summit has attracted representatives from 15 countries, like Colombia, Brazil, USA, Canada, Uruguay, Czech Republic United Kingdom and Australia.

Industry professionals seem to agree on the fact that Israeli entrepreneurs are working hard to maintain Israel as the world’s undisputed leader in the research and development of medicinal cannabis field. Cannatech has hosted presentations in technology-related projects and their implementations in agriculture, applications, mobile apps and interfaces for websites and other products.

The meeting was attended by one of the best known researchers in cannabis field: Israeli Raphael Mechoulam, who first discovered the structure of THC back in the ’60s.
It is in part thanks to his work, the fact that Israel has always allowed researches with hemp.  Moreover, cultivation of medicinal cannabis and consumption are legally permitted since 1995 in Israel. “We started our work 50 years ago. There was no responsibility, in fact, no one was interested. We thought it was important, so we did it”, reported Professor Mechoulam, who was given a warm welcome with an impressive standing ovation at the conference.

Growing awareness about the therapeutic properties of cannabis has led to the creation of several production companies in Israel. Which in addition mainly work in number of them work exporting its produce and in marketing their knowledge abroad.

Experts who attended the congress calculated in “billions of dollars” the benefits that could be moved if the sector develops. Good news from every perspective.

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