Miss Weederful, Standardisation and Visibility of Cannabis Use and Users

Miss Weederful, Standardisation and Visibility of Cannabis Use and Users

De: Laura Rueda Ativismo

For a few months, the cannabis community has a new social media project, offering us a graphic full of intelligent humour to reflect on and learn from. Miss Weederful is information, colours, good vibes and laughter guaranteed on a daily basis. Can all these elements help in the normalisation of cannabis? The answer is yes, and we’ll illustrate this in the following interview with your team!

Miss Weederful, Standardisation and Visibility of Cannabis Use and Users

Laura Rueda: How would you define the Miss Weederful project? How did this initiative come about?

Miss Weederful: It’s a positive way to see and live cannabis that could rub off on society! It’s a predominantly sativa attitude with touches of the south although it came into existence in the north. It’s a responsible, controlled explosion of cannabinoids which gives you a pleasant high.

It’s suitable for everyone and goes well with any situation. It’s been an idea created over months which has come to life little by little – almost without us realising it if it weren’t for all the work behind it! It was born from the need for normalisation and visibility of cannabis use. And with a single purpose – to empower the entire cannabis community or, rather, the entire Weederful Community!

Laura Rueda: Do you think that positive language shapes our attitude towards life?

Miss Weederful: Using positive language can transform our lives; that’s why healthy internal speech is so important. The words we use with ourselves, and in the face of certain situations, have the potential to change how we feel and guide us towards happiness. Until now, we’d only heard technical speeches or prejudices about cannabis. There were no options to talk about the same issue, but with positive language that could filter into the hearts of all users.

Laura Rueda: Some of the memes you share with the world help to de-stigmatise the plant. Do you think humour helps to naturalise and normalise it?

Miss Weederful: Humour has always been an excellent instrument for pointing the finger at conventions, taboos, stereotypes… Humour-coded language helps us to highlight many situations we live in and break down some of the prejudices, either by laughing at how people look at us on the street when we smell of cannabis, or by heralding our recurring “red eyes, happy heart.” We try to make it a tool of resistance. Laughing at ourselves is now an exercise in empowerment.

Laura Rueda: In addition to humour, as you say, information is power, and is key to erasing the stigma of cannabis that still exists in society. You’ve prepared a pack of very useful infographics on the properties of cannabis. What do you think the stigmas that society continues to believe about cannabis are?

Miss Weederful: We’re still being blamed for a lot: they call us lazy, also sometimes junkies, drug addicts … they tell us that we’re going to end up with no neurons. What’s the one that bothers us the most? The fact that cannabis will make your life a washout, that you automatically become an irresponsible person and / or a delinquent. We know this isn’t so. This is why # InfografíaWeederful was born. We believe in the importance of informing and re-educating [society] on the subject of cannabis.

Miss Weederful, Standardisation and Visibility of Cannabis Use and Users

Laura Rueda: Your philosophy defines you and it is key to understanding this project. Tell us about it.

Miss Weederful: The Weederful philosophy focuses on a positive way of looking at and using cannabis, with a strong minimalist graphic line, seasoned with a certain pride in knowing how to make use of one of the plants that has been cultivated most throughout history. This cannabis pride is what drives us to learn and reveal more and more about it. That’s why we absorb knowledge and transfer it to our still young Weederful magazine. The empowered user is the one who is well informed. So, as we like to say, “Research, learn, and share what you have learned.” Weederful philosophy is a good contagious cannabis vibe!

Laura Rueda: Your messages are also on products that we can purchase in your store and, thus, fill the world with messages on t-shirts, badges and cell phone cases. Is this type of visibility also important?

Miss Weederful: Very much so. It helps in the normalisation. In our country, the number of cannabis users exceeds 4 million. However, there’s still much embarrassment in declaring ourselves regular consumers before society. There’s always been a certain perception of the type of people who usually consume cannabis. A negative perception.



But what if you saw Weederful products on those who serve you in the supermarket, in the bank, in the administration offices? Would people then come to understand that cannabis use doesn’t define us? Furthermore, the best of Weederful products are their aphorisms, which will not only make you the envy of the entire cannabis community, but also fuel the debate, the demand, to tackle the taboo from a humorous perspective. Come on, they force you to face up to the stigma! In addition to being super nice, our products are a raised fist, a “Hey, here we are! And we’re not deranged: we know what we want.”

Miss Weederful, Standardisation and Visibility of Cannabis Use and Users

Laura Rueda: Your purchasing philosophy seems interesting to us because you commission the product to be manufactured once the order is placed. Is it a more responsible way to consume?

Miss Weederful: We try to minimise our impact on the environment; we’re aware of the situation our planet is in. Not only with production on demand, but also with by recycling the packaging sheets (the only plastic that you can find in the shop). We avoid plastic and try to convey the value and importance of these practices!

Laura Rueda: If you had to define Miss Weederful’s values, what would they be?

Miss Weederful: We are a team with ants in our pants, who work hard to make possible all the awesome ideas that come to mind. We’re committed to quality versus quantity or commercialisation. We’re faithful to our philosophy and our community which, ultimately, points the way forward. We respect the environment, and we are committed to social movements related to our philosophy. We believe in dreams, and we dream of becoming an instrument for the visibility and normalisation of cannabis, which ends up representing the entire cannabis community and culture.

Miss Weederful, Standardisation and Visibility of Cannabis Use and Users

Laura Rueda: Why is it time to make cannabis visible and normalise it?

Miss Weederful: We are seeing how many countries are advancing in terms of legalisation of the plant. Spain is still behind. That’s why we must create more pressure. Keep moving forward until you get the change in the legal landscape that we currently find ourselves in. Society is key to that pressure, so it’s a good time to inform, re-educate and teach the world what cannabis can do for us and for our planet.

Laura Rueda: your brand has a woman’s name – like the plant – and your messages also have a feminine spirit. Do you consider yourself feminists? Speaking of which, the cannabis world has always been predominately male, but right now there are many female warrior activists making noise. Are we at an opportune time for the visibility of cannabis feminists?

Miss Weederful: If we personified Miss Weederful, she would be a strong and empowered female who has resolved that no one hates or fears cannabis, and who works in a conscious and responsible way with the social situation she’s in. So, yes, we could say that we’re feminists. We use our resources to contribute to empowerment and visibility of women.

But the beauty of all this is that we started with a mostly female community, and these days the thing is very, very balanced. All this makes us think, yes, it’s a good time for female visibility. But not only is it a good time, it’s that it continues to be necessary. Throughout this whole journey, we’ve seen how women have gone from having basic jobs to having increasingly more representation in the industry: CEO’s, cultivators, budtenders, activists … We mustn’t stop the pace! We can serve as an example to other cannabis girls!

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