Swiss Dream Rosé – Dream Genetics … Growers’ Word!

Swiss Dream Rosé – Dream Genetics … Growers’ Word!


We want to talk about a product that’s giving us a great deal of satisfaction: Swiss Dream Rosé Auto CBD genetics from Kannabia, one of the first and largest seed banks in Spain with many years of experience under its belt that have made it a stronghold in cannabis hybridisation.

Our relationship with Swiss Dream Rosé Auto CBD began in 2019, first with a greenhouse cultivation and then a second cultivation carried out using an indoor aeroponic system.

The results were superb: Swiss Dream Rosé Auto CBD seeds have always grown without a hitch and, above all, they’ve provided beautiful quality buds with textbook-perfect flowering.

Swiss Dream Rosé – Dream Genetics … Growers’ Word!

With a greenhouse cultivation, we harvest 30 grams of flowers per plant within 75 days of planting, and even up to 40 grams per plant using the indoor aeroponic system.

And what are these flowers like?

A dream – as the name of the genetics they originated from promises.

This very well-structured plant has colours and aromas that make it stand out from other varieties on the market. Unsurprisingly, its creators define Swiss Dream as the real icing on the cake, with multiple virtues and incredible stability. It’s the result of work carried out with Kush varieties and is medium-sized with mainly “Indica” morphology. It grows very vigorously with apical predominance and excellent development of the lateral branches.



It’s a very easy variety to grow; in fact, it doesn’t require special care – just a lot of love and passion. Its buds surprise the eye and the olfactory: indeed, they’re distinctive and very elegant with striking purple hues that extend to pink. We were also delighted with the compact nature of its buds. For best results, we realised it was only necessary to increase the dose of fertilisers in the last weeks of the fertigation plan in order to obtain strong, robust buds with a delicate aroma reminiscent of conifers and red berries.



The THC levels found in the obtained flowers are from 0.2% to a maximum of 0.4%; CBD levels can start at 7% and reach up to 12% in the right conditions. The effects of this “Swiss pink dream” are powerful muscular relaxation accompanied by pleasant lucidity.

Swiss Dream Rosé – Dream Genetics … Growers’ Word!

Kannabia seed Company vende ai suoi clienti un prodotto da collezione, un souvenir. Non possiamo e non dobbiamo dare consigli sulla coltivazione perché il nostro prodotto non è destinato a tale scopo.

Non siamo responsabili dell’uso illecito che potrebbe essere fatto da parte di terzi delle informazioni qui pubblicate. La coltivazione della cannabis per autoconsumo è un’attività soggetta a determinate restrizioni legali che variano da stato a stato. Si consiglia di rivedere la normativa vigente nel Paese di residenza per evitare di incorrere nello svolgimento di un’attività illecita.