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STCM Conference 2016
Sábado, 12/11/16

The interdisciplinary „Swiss Task Force for Cannabinoids in Medicine“ (STCM) was founded in 2009. Members of the STCM are clinicians, pharmacists, lawyers and other professionals, who are – either in the doctor‘s office, university research lab, public pharmacy or law office -confronted  with the problems of the insufficiently regulated medical use of cannabinoids.

Switzerland pursues a progressive drug policy and plays an international pioneering role, such as regarding the 4-pillar-model, harm reduction and heroin-assisted treatment. This does not apply to the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, where countries as Canada, USA, Netherlands, Germany and Austria have established patient-friendly and practicable dispensation models. Numerous scientific studies have shown the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids and cannabis. However, it is unfortunately a fact, that in Switzerland some patients are still forced to uncontrolled self-medication by using qualitatively not defined illegal street cannabis, therefore eventually being criminalised.

Consequently, the STCM aims at presenting current scientific, health political, legal and regulatory facts as base for an objective pro and cons discussion of the remedicinalisation of cannabinoids and cannabis products. The STCM addresses to medical professionals, scientists, caregivers, patients, patient organisations, politicians, regulatory authorities, and media people.