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Mataro Blue - The Bulldog
Price:32,00 €

Cross featuring the best of several predominantly indica strains: Blueberry, Mazar-i-Sharif and Black Domina. Even so, the plant forms a thick central bud, hardening because of the number of flowers that form overlapping bunches. The plant starts to form crystals as soon as it begins to flower, eventually becoming covered in a thick coat of sticky resin, like large drops of caramel. It immediately produces trichomes with lime-green heads, and by the time it has nearly finished it has a whitish/golden appearance with a penetrating smell. When subjected to low temperatures the colour turns a bluish purple. It forms thick, healthy cuttings that are suitable for cloning.
Median nodes develop with huge, fat leaves. It withstands large amounts of fertiliser when growing and is resists to periods of drought very well. Very high THC levels. Produces a very strong hash when extracted with ice.
- Vegetative Cycle: 15 days
- Flowering Cycle: 58-65 days
- Medium height: from 50 cm
- Production: 500gr/m2
- Harvest: September-October
- Medium height: 2 meters
- Production: 50 gr/plant
- THC: 18-20%