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Canapa Mundi 2017
Sexta, 17/02/17 to Domingo, 19/02/17
Roma RM

The show you don't expect!

Because it is not simply a Fair. It is history, information, culture, tradition, but also innovation, interrelation, why not? competition. 

It is a challenge, Canapa Mundi is impudent, and opportunity. It is relax and fun.

Canapa Mundi unveils hemp worlds, starting from the extraordinary biodiversity of the seed, going through techniques and products to grow it vigorous to handle it with the best technologies and to turn it into a delicious and high-quality ingredient for countless sectors. 

Canapa Mundi is the meeting point for those who love hemp and who like to enjoy it at the table, in clothing, in strong houses for those who want to use it for easing and treating its own sickness, to build hardy ropes, to protect nature from fossil fuels or from the deforestation, to clean our polluted land. 

That is all Canapa Mundi, it is the show you don't expect. 

Together with Italian and foreign companies, researchers and experts, workshops, information and consultations, games and lots of fun we will drive you to review the history and the world of a such wonderful plant and its huge potential. 

Canapa Mundi is a fair which looks to the past, look toward the future and lives in the present. 

Canapa Mundi, 17-18-19 February 2017 in Rome