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The more, the better. Period!
Yes, Kannabists! Free extra seeds in each pack!
  • Available for 3, 5 & 10 seeds packs
  • Simply select your prefered strain and enjoy extra seeds!
  • Limited time offer!

The good thing is if we keep it brief... "No, man, no! What are you saying?

THE MORE, THE BETTER, period! For this reason, we at Kannabia Seeds want to get the most out of this new season by repeating our Promo from last year.

Yes, that very one! What a great memory you have, Kannabistas! The one with the FREE EXTRA SEEDS IN EACH PACK!

Cool, huh?

So now you know: all our 3, 5 and 10 seed packs will include bonus seeds! Because nothing makes us happier than making you happy!