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Boost your dreams with Mataró Blue
Known for its medicinal effects and now at your fingertips!
  • Incredible therapeutic properties
  • Easy to grow and high productivity
  • Unmistakable taste and aroma

Instead of dreaming with the charming prince, dream about our Mataró Blue and its discount!

Still dreaming with the gallant charming prince? Forget it! We can assure you that none will give you as good results as our Mataró Blue, Kannabia's most desired variety.

Huge resinous buds of brilliant blue tones, great productivity, and a truly exquisite flavor and aroma are some of the features of this indica beauty that, in addition, will seduce you immediately ... because it is very easy to grow!

And, although it does not come on the back of a brave horse, it does come with a great DISCOUNT of 15%, valid throughout the month of October.

So much better... isn't it?