Amnesia Dream XL Auto

Going up a Level

This autoflowering marijuana seed is unique in our seed bank. Not only because of its qualities (stemming from the famous and appreciated Amnesia Haze) but also because, by combining genetically with the properties of Amnesia Haze, the result is a plant of a particular behavior that can also function as a photo-dependent feminized seed featuring short flowering. Follow our tips and you’ll see just how unique it is.

As we have said, to obtain this strain, we have combined select Amnesia Haze seeds –a variety more than famous for its effect and its flavor in Holland (coming from Soma Seeds)– with Amnesia Auto. We did this with the aim of shortening its flowering period and optimizing its cultivation, reducing the influence of Ruderalis on its DNA. That’s one of the wishes that you most asked the genies at Kannabia for… and they granted your wish (you have two others left) to help you deal with the strenuous flowing periods of the original Amnesia Haze, which require patience.

After a lot of work at our laboratory table, a sativa-dominant seed came to life that can be grown effectively as an autoflowering strain but that also gives a totally unexpected yield outdoors, doing so in record time and with a quality that is beyond doubt. Adding ” XL ” to the name is a bit of a clue. Are we looking at a new, super Haze strain? Is this the perfect combination of an auto-flowering and photo-dependent plant? Will we soon get something similar with other famous varieties? We’ll keep working….

How to: Amnesia Dream XL Auto

Given its special nature, it is worth taking into account some considerations about how to grow Amnesia Dream XL Auto by Kannabia Seed Company. It can be grown indoors with photoperiods of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness (yes, that is a lot of dedication, but the results are worth it). The complete cycle can take between 70 and 90 days. It will grow robustly and with good branches, yielding large buds with a good resin load. Expectations under optimal conditions would be to collect about 400 grams per square meter.

But if there is any chance it can be grown in the sun, you will unleash its true powers. Treated as a fast flowering feminized cannabis seed, it starts to grow (we have seen them two meters high) and bloom with spectacular buds. The only advice we are going to give is that you plant this strain in large pots measuring 50 liters with a substrate that allows the roots to breathe well, without excessive fertilizer. You want the plant to access fertilizer in moderation.

In this way, you can plant Amnesia Dream XL Auto between March and October, and if it receives a good amount of sun, you will collect up to 300 grams of a sativa per plant – of a quality that is so delicious that it will be hard to believe.

Flavor and Effect of Amnesia Dream XL Auto

The personality of Amnesia Haze is present in this improved version. There is citrus and earthy flavor, as well as a floral aroma and herbaceous essence both when harvested and after curing. This is unquestionably a good Dutch Haze.

You already are familiar with the effect of Amnesia; get ready for its Amnesia Dream XL Auto version. First and foremost, calm. The effect takes a little while to crop up and an inexperienced user could take too much and then regret it. When the effect finally comes, it invades with a pleasant and euphoric feeling that is therapeutic for treating stress and anxiety. Highly recommended for creative processes, it has a very long-lasting relaxing effect hours later.

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Amnesia Dream XL Auto

Amnesia Dream XL Auto
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The automatic version of Amnesia Haze is a unique specimen that can work as an autoflowering strain or as a fast-flowering photoperiod-dependent seed, which is what we would like to see most in an Amnesia Haze. Just as aromatic and powerful as its progenitor, but without excessive weight from Ruderalis.

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Indica Indica


Sativa Sativa

Período de floração

Curto Curto


Grandes Grandes


Baixa Baixa


Alta Alta


Baixo Baixo


Muito forte Muito forte

Semente: Semente: Feminizado

CBD: <0,5 %

Efeito: Estimulante

THC: 18 %

Caracteristicas: Para iniciantes, Resistente a pragas

Sabor: Cítrico, Terroso



Ciclo completo: 70-90 dias

Altura média: 60-90

Rendimento: 400 gr/m2



Rendimento: 200-300 gr/planta

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