Break-up Cake Auto

Let’s make it fast and powerful

The autoflowering version of the Break-Up Cake marijuana seed from our seedbank is totally spot on: high production, short flowering period, powerful effect. Don’t hesitate, nor think of other options. In addition, it results in a resistant, aromatic and incredibly unique plant.

Break-Up Cake Auto from Kannabia Seed Company has two outstanding characteristics. Firstly, it’s extremely productive – you won’t believe what it’ll put on the scales.  What’s more, its intense, penetrating smell means that should you misplace it, you’ll easily be able to locate it simply from its aroma; even blindfolded, you’d know how to distinguish it from any other variety due to its distinctive fragrance.

We start with Break-Up Cake, a good feminised seed available from our bank, enriching it with a BF Super Auto from Barney’s Farm (one of the best ways to get an autoflowering plant these days). A Kush Auto is also involved, giving it that extra productivity.

In addition to the characteristics of this auto variety, we must point out that due to being 60% indica-dominant, it grows little by little at first and then bursts into an explosion of buds and trichomes like you’ve never seen before.

How to: Break-Up Cake Auto

Like the feminised Break-Up Cake, it’s a plant that adapts perfectly to its circumstances. But in the case of this autoflowering seed, its performance is spectacular. It has a large central stem on which well-structured branches depend to such an extent that a good percentage of its surface is exposed to light when faced with artificial illumination (it’s part of the secret of its success).

When we tell you what you can expect from its indoor harvest potential, you’ll indeed find it difficult to believe – this powerfully aromatic automatic produces up to 600 grams per square metre. It will need 70 days to complete its cycle, and can exceed a metre in height but not much more than that. Our recommendation is to plant it using the Sea of ​​Green method, its constitution will respond to perfectly.

It doesn’t disappoint outdoors either. Planted so that it receives as many hours of sunlight as possible, it can reach 1 metre, forty centimetres and its tight buds can give up to 200 grams per plant. If you’re a guerrilla grower, try Break-Up Auto – you’ll be impressed.

Taste and effect of Break-Up Cake Auto

Like the feminised Break-Up Cake, the autoflowering version of this indica-dominant plant reveals itself on the palate, combining fruity flavours with a fresh, earthy aroma. Also, unlike the photoperiod version, it’s got an added pine aftertaste inherited from its Kush heritage. Its incredibly intense flavour is reminiscent of wild strawberry or blueberry tart.

It’s an indica variety, yet with a harmonious effect. Despite a noticeable deep mental and physical relaxation, it allows you to combine it with other endeavours (especially creative ones). Especially recommended for beginners and growers looking for an auto that’s guaranteed.

New, US Genetics

Break-up Cake Auto

Break-up Cake Auto
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Videos and photos "The product received may vary from the images"

With an incredibly powerful aroma, the genetic combination of the Break-Up Cake autoflowering seed results in a huge yield both indoors and outdoors. You’ll be reminded of homemade fruits of the forest cake as you notice its relaxing effect on both body and mind.

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Indica Indica


Sativa Sativa

Flowering period

Short Short


Length Length


Low Low


High High


Low Low


Very strong Very strong

Wedding Cake x OG Kush x Ruderalis

Seed: Seed: Autoflowering

CBD: <0,5 %

Effect: Balanced

THC: 22 %

Culture: Warfare

Features: For beginners, Good for extractions

Flavor: Earthy, Fruity



Complete cycle: 70 days

Average height: 110

Yield 600 gr/m2



Yield 200 gr/plant

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