Arturo Serra & José Carra Duet at Knnb Live

Arturo Serra & José Carra Duet at Knnb Live

By: Rober Salas Culture

Starting today, Kannabia is beginning a series of live concerts broadcast by Knnb Live with a first collaboration: Arturo Serra & José Carra Duet, a live performance to kick off a new virtual space dedicated to artistic creation and expression and combining music and cannabis culture.

Knnb Live stands on the side of that notorious number of artists who have supported, with different forms of activism, the legalization of cultivation and medicinal use of this true gift of nature. Hundreds of amateur and professional musicians have been on the front line from all popular music genres: electronic, folk, rock, classical music, flamenco, etc. So much so that the assumption that cannabis can only be associated with certain types of artists or music genres is a big mistake. And we demonstrate this with our first guests, Arturo Serra & José Carra Duet, a band that features compositions that merge jazz with other styles such as pop and other popular music genres.

Knnb Live wants to share this entire universe of sound creation with you on our new YouTube channel. As the strong advocates of diversity we are -such as you can see in the variety of our catalog-, all concerts to be performed will not respond to any superficial trend and will not be linked to any specific style of music or preconceived idea. Our intention is to make a place for all genres and artists, highlighting those with unusual proposals and with careers away from simplistic and conventional radio formulas where personal discourse, reflections or global struggles rarely find a place.

From today, you can already enjoy the first concert that will be inaugurating this new project and bringing some exceptional music professionals such as Arturo Serra & José Carra Duet, the eclectic duo formed by vibraphonist Arturo Serra from Valencia and the pianist and composer José Carra from Malaga, whose separate careers are already recognized as being part of the most representative contemporary jazz scene in recent years.

Serra and Carra offer us a series of compositions that take us on a journey through unexpected and enveloping melodies; this is the best way to celebrate the birth of this new initiative, focused on acknowledging the fellowship between music and cannabis.

Enjoy the first delivery of Knnb Live in the video below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do:



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