Canada, a high flying fair

Canada, a high flying fair

By: Roberto Kannabia Culture

It’s been a few days since we returned from the Lift cannabis Expo, one of the largest fairs on cannabis, held in Toronto, Canada. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share with you the highlights of an incredible journey for Kannabia’s team.

Days at the fair passed with endless surprises and great moments. We have met and talked to very different people, old and young in age, but all big in their love for the subject that occupied our minds, marijuana. Canadians are very interested in Spanish strains and have had a great time playing foosball and posing at the photocall in Kannabia’s booth.

Big news came with the results of the Cannabis Cup: Our Mataro Blue won the first prize in the category of rosin … We are so proud of our little girl! We knew it would take us far, and time has proven so.

Among surprises and surprises, Zoe Molino, Kannabia’s manager, had the opportunity to introduce the National Network of Cannabis Women (Spain) in a conference, a great little step to spread the word about the project – which we have written on this blog – in Canada. Kannabia keeps its strong commitment to promote and sponsor this network.

In addition, Zoe is already planning his return to Canada to take a course on medical cannabis at a prestigious university, another awesome gift!

As the organization of Lift Cannabis Expo itself explains on its website, since its start in 2013, LIFT has been a leading resource for information on medical cannabis. A very valuable help if one decides to go on tour to Canada, you can take a look to their website.

On top of it all, our team had the opportunity to spend a few days in the idyllic Vancouver, where they visited a few dispensaries and strengthened businness and personal relationships. Our team almost decided to stay over there!

Here there’s a gallery with pictures from the trip, the fair and our way through Vancouver. (And yes, we want you feel jealous)

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