Cannabis cosmetics are trending

Cannabis cosmetics are trending

By: Laura Rueda Culture

Cannabis cosmetics are trending all over the world. So great is the hype and they are affordable and accessible in equal measure. Now it’s even possible to find cannabis-based facials in your local area thanks to the most popular brands and cosmetics chains such as Sephora, the Body Shop, Aussie Hair and Babaria, which have their own range of creams made with the plant. The best thing about this news is that, because of this, we can now benefit from all the properties (and there are many) that cannabinoids bring to our skin and hair. We give you some of the key ones!

No, it doesn’t get you high. Yes, it’s legal

Before we tell you what the properties of cannabis cosmetics are, we want to debunk any myths that some people take for granted when we talk about marijuana. Cannabis-based creams are not going to give you a psychedelic effect as almost all of them are made from CBD or cannabis seed oil. In other words, they don’t contain THC, which is the psychotropic component. You also don’t need to fear for your safety – you’re not committing any crime and they’re legal products that you can find in any store.

Short-term effects: anti-inflammatory and analgesic

There are two most immediate benefits of topical cannabis: it is anti-inflammatory and analgesic so it’s commonly used by athletes and people with chronic pain. This is nothing new as the ancient Egyptians treated skin infections with cannabis-infused ointments (we’ve not invented anything!). In facial cosmetics, we notice these properties as we feel a soothing, refreshing effect when we apply them.

Long-term effects: moisturising and antioxidant

Several scientific studies have shown that CBD and THC have antioxidant and neuroprotective properties. Both act as activators of the cannabinoid receptors in our endocannabinoid system, preventing cell oxidation and deterioration. In addition, thanks to the Omega 3 present in cannabidiol oil, these cosmetics have up to 14 times more fatty acids than other oils we are more used to, such as olive oil and coconut oil. Don’t let your skin lack hydration!



BeFresh, a multi-purpose moisturiser

Naturel Desir revolutionised its day with its CBD lubricants (which promote natural lubrication) and Menstrual Relief drops (which relieve pain, seizures and inflammation as well as providing an analgesic effect during menstruation). They have now launched a line of new facial and body care products.

BeFresh is a face cream with conditioning, moisturising, softening, protective, soothing and antioxidant properties; this is thanks to its CBD-based composition – sativa cannabis seed oil, hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, jasmine extract and tiare flower. It can be used in the treatment of skin problems such as eczema, redness and acne and is a multi-purpose moisturiser that you can use daily.

The best thing about it? Its light texture which doesn’t leave the typical white trace after application and the decongestant feeling it gives to the skin.

Sunny Daze, Cannabis Sun Cream

The solar factor is not unique to summer. That’s why we applaud Naturel Desir’s initiative in bringing Factor 30 cannabis sun cream ‘Sunny Daze’ to the market. This product is designed to protect the most sensitive and hypersensitive skin-types that are most prone to sunburn.

The best thing about it? That in addition to protecting our skin from the sun, it has antioxidant properties against free radicals generated by the sun, king of the sky.

Cannabis cosmetics are trending

Green Gold in Sephora Hemp Oil

The cannabis flower has antioxidant, anti-seborrheic and anti-inflammatory properties, and the seed has moisturising, antioxidant and firming effects. It’s definitely a winning combo for our skin care and also our hair care. As we’ve already talked about the Ho Karan brand (also available from Sephora), today we want to focus on ultra-sensory multi-purpose oil with Sephora hemp that purifies and nourishes skin on the body and face as well as the hair.

The best thing about it? It smells great, which is a plus!

Cannabis cosmetics are trending


If we join together two current trends, we come to SOO’AE, which brings together the best of Korean cosmetics and cannabis cosmetics. This brand is inspired by the abundance and balance of nature as well as the wisdom of tradition and science. Thanks to their wide variety of products, you can find a complete facial treatment in this range. If you want to cleanse and purify the pores of impurities we accumulate during the day, use the kaolin mask and hemp seed oil extract.

The best thing about it? That all products are very affordable and their main ingredient is hemp oil.

Cannabis cosmetics are trending

MiLk MakeUp

When I went to Sephora to buy my products from Ho Karan and the Sephora Collection, I had no idea of the existence of the Milk Makeup brand and, in the end, it was what made me most love my trip to this store. I bought the solid clay mask with moisturising cannabis sativa seed oil. The saleswoman who attended me explained that it’s an outstanding product that moisturises, soothes and cleanses the skin (I can vouch for all of this).

The good thing is that it works for all skin types – normal, dry, oily or combination – in addition to being effective on dull, dry skin, uneven complexions and even excess fat. Its key ingredient is the cannabis seed oil that moisturises, helps retain moisture, calms and relaxes skin. It also contains aloe (which moisturises, relaxes and offers antioxidant protection), not to mention kaolin clay (which exfoliates and helps to cleanse pores).

The best thing about it? It’s presented in the form of a bar and has a butter-like texture. It’s very easy to use in roll-on mode and it’s immediately noticeable that the complexion is more revitalised after application.

Cannabis cosmetics are trending

MiLk Hydro grip

Milk Make-Up product range is very extensive (although not all products include cannabis among their ingredients). I was given a sample of Milk Hydro Grip Primer, a pre-base that serves as a make-up fixer, formulated with cannabis seed extract and blue agave extract to keep skin hydrated and make-up flawless throughout the day.

The best thing about it? The result, which captivates as it provides a plump glossy effect which is so on-trend these days. I’m going to buy it again.

Cannabis cosmetics are trending

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