10 love songs to marijuana

10 love songs to marijuana

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Marijuana has been and is a great source of inspiration for singers and composers. In Kannabia, we’ve rescued these 10 love songs dedicated to marijuana.  Now you can include it in your playlist while you go on holidays.

  1. Fúmala by Raimundo Amador. The great guitarist and blues-flamenco composer has included several praises to marijuana in the lyrics of his songs. We choose Fúmala to bring some rhythm to the Summer.


  1. I wanna get high by Cypress Hill. Much ganja in their lyrics and their direct shows- some of you are missing them-. Such an incitement!

  1. Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die by Willie Nelson. This living legend of American folk has just launched, in addition, its own brand of marijuana. His thing with the grass is a stable and lasting passion. One curiosity? He has published its own list of « marijuana songs” on Spotify.

  1. Legalize it by Peter Tosh. What would a list of songs about marijuana without including this great Peter Tosh song be? So here you go. Terrific classic.

  1. Marijuana Boogie by Manu Chao. A song made for summer and its slow rhythms. Enjoy!

  1. James Joint by Rihanna. A not very well known song, though the artist has never hidden her love for joints.

  1. Sweet leaf by Black Sabbath. The tribute of the darker band of all time, turn up the volume of the speakers!

  1. Hold it now, Hit it by Beastie Boys. With their powerful sounds, the most cheeky band from the 80’s threw his own plea for marijuana.

  1. The Pot by Tool. With controversial lyrics, this song continues to generate doubts about its meaning. What do you think?

  1. Let’s go get stoned by Ray Charles.  We close the list with an absolute classic.

We left a lot of songs out of the list… which one would you add?

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