Getting ready for Canada!

Getting ready for Canada!

Pour: Roberto Kannabia Culture

Kannabia team prepares this week to cross to the other side of the pond, nothing more and nothing less than to Canada. We will fly to attend Lift Cannabis Expo, held in Toronto on 28 and 29 May. Once there, we will be more than happy to inform all the assistants about the very best of our seed bank.

Since Canada is on top of the list of countries leading the market of medical Marijuana, the Expo promises to be, once again, one of the most exciting international events about cannabis worldwide. Lift Cannabis Expo will bring together around 130 exhibitors from Canada, United States and Europe. The convention center will be filled with producers, dispensaries, seed banks, nutrients companies, medical clinics and professionals in the health sector, among many others.

In addition, a very interesting and wide range of conferences will be held both days, conducted by very well-known leaders in the cannabis industry.

Zoe Molino, General Manager at Kannabia Seeds, will present REMA on Saturday 28 at 14:00 pm. Under the title A Presentation of Red Estatal de Mujeres Antiprohibicionistas (REMA), Zoe will promote a project that each day obtains more and more support.

Moreover, at Kannabia stand (507), visitors will be able to check first hand all the information concerning our CBD strains: Baby Boom Auto CBD, BCN Diesel CBD, Mataro Blue CBD (a prize winner in the latest edition of Lift Cannabis Expo) and White Domina CBD.  In an interesting contrast, we will also explore one of our better known sativa strains, the Russian Doll. Are you up for the challenge?

After the promise of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, of legalising recreational use of marijuana at a federal level, the country seems to be a wonderful opportunity for cannabis professionals and all those interested in the regularization of cannabis worldwide.

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