How to prepare marijuana cuttings

How to prepare marijuana cuttings

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When people talk about cuttings or clones, they are referring to a small branch from a mother plant in the growth period, which is cut and takes root.
Many growers prefer to use cuttings instead of seeds to start their home grow, since the clones have proven genetics, and their characteristics and behaviour are a known quantity.
In order to have a supply of a trusted plant the mother plant must be maintained in a stage of vegetative growth with a photoperiod of 18 hours of light a day.

For a high production of clones, the cut must always be made above several knots, in this way will grow from the knots that remained in the mother plant new branches that will give rise to new cuttings.
For a high production of clones, the branches should always be cut above the knots from old cuts allowing the mother plant to grow new branches and giving rise to new cuttings.

Once the cutting has been taken, the stem needs to be impregnated with rooting hormone, in the form of either powder, liquid or gel (the hormone that best adheres), and is placed in a rooting block or a cup of damp substrate. The best rooting blocks are rock wool buckets or discs of pressed peat. It should be noted that freshly cut clones do not have roots to obtain their water, so they must take it from the humidity through the stomata (small pores where the leaf exchanges gases and water vapor with the medium).

To provide the necessary moisture, the clones will be placed inside a propagator, a small greenhouse where the shoots will have the temperature and water vapour necessary to carry out the rooting process. The optimum temperature is 24 ° C with relative humidity close to 100%. Under these conditions the clones should have roots and be ready to transplant in between 7 and 14 days. Do you want to buy Marijuana seeds online? Visit Kannabia Store!

Growers who are experienced in hydroponics often use aerocloners in which no substrate is used, instead the clones are fixed to small, usually neoprene lids, that keep them at the proper height in the nutrient solution for rooting.

From Kannabia Seed Company, as a marijuana high quality seeds bank we would like to state the following items in accordance with current legislation in force in Spain: 
1.- That cultivation should only be for personal supply and consumption.
2.- That the use and purpose of your cultivation must be therapeutic. 
3.- That the plantation should be carried out in the privacy of your own home, similarly the  consumption. And most importantly, all information that is given references a small cultivation.   

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