Kannabia and Plantasur sign a collaboration agreement with the SAPP NGO

Kannabia and Plantasur sign a collaboration agreement with the SAPP NGO

Pour: Roberto Kannabia Activisme

Thanks to the agreement, Kannabia and Plantasur companies have delivered a substantial donation to the Granada based NGO SAPP.

Funding will be prioritized for the construction of a school in Masaka, Uganda, a project that the organization began more than one year ago. The amount donated will make it possible to add a third classroom to the school, and will also allow the inauguration a social canteen for the children of the community.

Among the most recent field projects by SAPP are the opening of a medical clinic in Kedougou (Senegal), the struggle for better access to schooling and higher quality of education in Ghana, and numerous educational campaigns among local communities.

SAPP began their projects of assistance in African countries in October 2012 and today is present with offices in South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Togo, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Their work focuses on everything related to the fields of health and education; but it serves for very different projects depending on the needs of each community.

SAPP also takes action in the areas of economic development, in orphanages, with the work on farms, environmental awareness and projects such as planting of trees, social work, media, construction, environmental awareness, the supply of drinking water, humanitarian aid and human rights.

You can also collaborate with SAPP

As you can read on SAPP website “SAPP was founded by Alfredo Quero after a wonderful visit to South Africa and volunteering adventure in Ghana. These experiences made me feel that I lacked the time to return in the near future. Determined however to make a difference and continue to help out, SAPP came to existence. With this first-hand experience, I want to help you set off on your own adventure.  SAPP is born as an organization which main identity lies on communities’ empowerment. We promote international volunteering programs as well as internship programs in Africa; and besides, we deal with project identification and planning so that we may access financial channels to proceed with all our development cooperation programs.”

You can collaborate with them participating in their volunteer programs or donating to their projects. Please have a look on SAPP website and their blog, where you can follow all their actions in the field.

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