New Kannabia website

New Kannabia website

Pour: Webmaster Activisme

At Kannabia Seed Company we are really convinced that 2017 will be our year. For the last weeks we feel full of energy, overwhelmed by ideas and we are beginning a never ending list of new projects.

One of them is the launching of our web page. We have been working on it for a while and we are sure that it will offer a much richer virtual experience to our users.

We were really looking forward that the « face » of Kannabia Seed Company on the net goes a step forward. So, besides offering information about our strains, our contact data or our distributor’s, the new site will offer also useful information for anyone that would like to take a virtual walk around www.kannabia.es.

We wanted to give to the web site a very intuitive structure, without forgetting how important design is when visiting a web page. We hope that you will feel at home while surfing on our web site.

And we wanted to celebrate it in style… So, any better idea than inviting you to our opening party? Until March 15th, we are pulling the boat out and we are offering 20% discount when buying on our web any product of our own trademark, Kannabia Seed Company.

Kannabia Seed Company vend à ses clients un produit de collection, un souvenir. Nous ne pouvons pas et ne devons pas donner de conseils de culture car notre produit n’est pas destiné à cet usage.

Nous ne sommes pas responsables de l’utilisation illicite qui pourrait être faite par des tiers des informations publiées ici. La culture du cannabis pour l’autoconsommation est une activité soumise à certaines restrictions légales qui varient d’un État à l’autre. Nous recommandons de revoir la législation en vigueur dans le pays de résidence pour éviter d’encourir l’exercice d’une activité illégale.