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10 aphrodisiac marijuana strains to succeed on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to go all out to intensify the romanticism. Whether you’re planning an intimate evening or simply a fun day with your other half, we recommend either option to be filled with things that inspire feelings of euphoria and love. In other words, fill your day with lots of aphrodisiacs. And since cannabis can help improve desire and intimacy, we have listed ten strains that will certainly help you create the best atmosphere on this special date.

Valentine’s Day is a special date when couples declare their eternal love for each other and celebrate with gifts like chocolates, flowers, or other pink-coloured presents. But this year, don’t forget cannabis! There are a number of genetics that are great fun to share with your soul mate but are also known for their aphrodisiac properties. Whether you’re looking for the best cannabis strains for sex, for some help to get in the mood, or simply for sweet treats to have with that special person in your life, you can find them all in our Kannabia seed catalogue!

Why can cannabis enhance intimate desire?

Since the dawn of time, cannabis has been used in many ancient civilisations to promote human sexuality. In fact, ancient Hindu texts describe this plant as an integral part of the tantric ritual. Many people also claim that marijuana helps them increase their libido as well as their feelings of love.

But are there compounds in cannabis that function as aphrodisiacs to stimulate sexual desire? Many believe this to be true. In fact, there’s a huge amount of ‘cannasexual’ products that have landed strongly on the market, such as topical creams, gummies, tinctures, and even lubricants which have been specifically designed for sex.

Let’s be realistic: people claim that many different foods (for instance, oysters or chocolate) can increase sexual desire, so the idea that cannabis can do the same isn’t crazy at all. As a matter of fact, there are several scientific studies that have proven that both men and women experience feelings of sexual excitement when using cannabis.

The truth is we have masses of cannabinoid receptors in areas of the brain that control sexual functioning. In addition, there are also many receptors on the skin, which can lead to greater excitement in situations of physical closeness, resulting in greater sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Marijuana is also a vasodilator, meaning it promotes greater blood flow and opens the capillaries, which in turn improves sensitivity. But cannabis can also improve emotional bonds and release your inhibitions, helping you to let go, whilst increasing your self-confidence and your will to experiment.

Therefore, when it comes to specific strains that can improve sexual intercourse, there are several that are well known for their aphrodisiac properties. We’ve listed the most suitable candidates from our seed catalogue, so this Valentine’s Day you can experience all the intimate power that cannabis has to offer.


Without any doubt, the goddess of love and beauty is one of the most romantic strains for you to have on Valentine’s Day. This sativa-dominant hybrid produces inspiring but calming euphoria to start off with, before leading to full bodily relaxation. She’s perfect to smoke while you’re hugging, as she offers a socially interactive experience that is renowned for igniting the flame of desire as if you were pouring petrol on a barbecue.

Hellfire OG

Have you got butterflies in your stomach? Are you a nervous wreck before a date? Try a bit of this fire from hell and you’ll be ready to get going. This indica hybrid is known for relieving stress and anxiety, replacing them with a euphoric cerebral high and body relaxation. However, she can make you sleepy if you overdo it, as can happen with many other indicas; so be careful not to burn yourself!


Stimulating sativa strains like Kaboom are perfect for smoking before a romantic evening. Take a few hits and you’ll get a sudden head high that will lead to greater focus and clarity. Things will seem brighter as this transformation of the senses provokes a heated euphoria, making this the perfect match for the art of mischief.

Russian Doll

If you’re looking to spice things up on this Valentine’s Day, this Russian doll is a great option. Known for helping couples to find new horizons (if you know what we mean), or if you’re interested in trying role playing, this strain will give you the boost you need to try out any role you choose.

Speedy Boom Auto

This auto is a sativa-leaning strain renowned for her fast-acting cerebral effects and energising properties. In addition, her effects can also provide confidence in intimate environments. She opens your mind and clouds your critical thinking, allowing foreplay to rise to the next level without feeling shy or insecure.

Thai Fantasy

We call her the ‘espresso’ of our marijuana strains. But, instead of making you feel nervous and sweaty like you would with caffeine, you’ll feel awake and ready for… well, you know… Our cannabis community also claims that she provides a little extra spark in bed. Don’t smoke too much before being intimate though, as her high THC levels can lead to paranoia or anxiety.


The name of this variety speaks for itself: she’s well known for her stimulating skills, providing an effect similar to a kiss, soft, creamy and creative, with a deep touch of sensuality. All of these make this strain the ideal sex weed for success, both in bed and in the living room.

Girl Scout Cookies

There’s no doubt this is one of our favourites for anything to do with love affairs; not only for her strong euphoric effect but also for her ability to make you feel relaxed and lively at the same time. Once you try her you’ll want to go to bed, but not necessarily to sleep. Because, as the stress fades away, these explorers’ cookies induce creativity, giving you all types of ideas to try with your partner. Maybe you fancy trying something kinky? Now it’s the time to take the plunge!

BCN Diesel CBD

If you don’t want to have too much THC before getting all romantic, this is the right strain for you. BCN Diesel CBD’s high CBD content is ideal for relaxing and relieving the physical discomfort that sexual intercourse may cause in some people. Take a few drags and you’ll get a stimulating sense of creative euphoria, but without getting couch-locked or sleepy. This means you’ll have greater mental clarity and you’ll be able to reach higher levels of arousal. Never before has CBD been so highly recommended for the game of seduction!


With effects that are normally more energising than average (due to her high tetrahydrocannabivarin levels), this strain is a huge success in the bedroom. She makes you feel relaxed enough to go to bed, but keeps you awake for long enough so you can also have some fun. Also great for lying by the fire or for practising onanism; or for both things simultaneously… Is there anything better than loving yourself?

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