10 reasons why self-grown cannabis is the best weed you’ll ever taste

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The trend of growing marijuana plants for personal use has become increasingly popular in recent years for several different reasons. While some people appreciate the therapeutic effects of cannabis, others enjoy the self-sufficient aspect of growing their own crop. So, if you’re thinking of taking up this hobby, here are ten reasons why you should consider growing your own weed so you can check out for yourself the best cannabis that you’ll ever taste.

While the road to growing your own marijuana may have started as a curiosity or a simple hobby, the numerous advantages offered by this practice can quickly turn it into a rewarding endeavour. From the pleasure and personal satisfaction of ensuring high quality, through to controlling the costs, there are many reasons to set up your own cannabis grow to enjoy the best weed that you can possibly get, and which is none other than your very own!

1- You channel your positive energy

When you look after your cannabis plants from seed to harvest, every step is full of care and good vibes. And, as you trim and cure those buds with patience and appreciation, all that energy is transferred. We know from experiments that music or even talking kindly to your plants can help them grow, so imagine what can be achieved by channelling all of your positive energy! Self-grown cannabis captures that metaphysical essence that is part of the universe; a universe that vibrates to your own frequency of gratitude.

2- You learn to value the fruit of your efforts

Cannabis growing also provides you with many other life lessons, such as the reward of being patient, by training your mind on the lost art of delayed gratification. Learning to combine effort, research, and diligence is a long-term vision. This process requires perseverance whilst the seeds sprout, the leaves look for light, and the buds take shape. But the reward after curing the perfect crop is well worth it. You learn that good things come to those who work hard and wait. And when you smoke a joint of your homegrown buds, you instantly feel that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction… You picture the journey from seed to smoke and think: “Hell, I did this!”. And that pride and happiness infuse the whole experience.

3- You connect with nature in a therapeutic way

We live in a society where information is taking up more and more of our time. Many people spend most of their lives in front of a computer screen. So how can we alleviate this? Studies have shown that simply being near plants can help relieve anxiety and improve other conditions. By growing your own cannabis plants, you’ll be an integral part of the life of a piece of nature, which will in turn make you feel great and bring you more good things than you might expect. Because, as you watch your plants grow and become healthier, you can feel proud and happy about it. And this can make you feel better about yourself and the work that you’re doing. With all these good points, it‘s no wonder that many people find cannabis self-cultivation a satisfying and therapeutic pastime.

“Whether it’s outdoor or indoor cannabis… It’s the result of your hard work!”

4- You develop a set of skills that stimulate your brain

A fascinating side effect of growing cannabis is an increased interest in growing more than ganja. Your gardening skills may flourish once you learn to grow your own cannabis. What’s more, growing is an addictive practice that can almost certainly leave you hooked, not only to horticulture in general, but also to many other trades linked to this practice. Think about it: successful growers also need to be electricians, designers, plumbers, carpenters… Each of these skills is a new opportunity to immerse yourself in something new and exciting, empowering you as a person by achieving something that comes from being able to do it yourself.

Setting up a growing system also requires a certain amount of critical thinking. You’ll need to decide if you want to grow in hydroponics or in soil, under lamps or in the sun, which nutrients to use, and whether to start from a seed or a clone. All these decisions will influence the final yield of your grow, and any problems will serve as an interesting challenge along the way, especially for those handymen who never shy away from taking on the most difficult tasks.

5- It’s much more profitable

Let’s face it, marijuana can be expensive: if you smoke frequently, it will cost you a substantial amount of money. And one of the best ways to reduce the cost of your cannabis is to grow your own. Once you’ve made the initial investment to get the required equipment, and with just a little bit of knowledge, you can produce many more buds for much less money than what is currently asked for on the market. For starters, if you have a relatively safe balcony or backyard, you can easily grow between 3 and 4 plants without any major problems. And, although you run the risk of pest trouble, you’ll get the best value for money by growing outdoors. So basically, all you need is good soil, water, and sunlight, and the plant will take care of itself. Let nature work its magic!

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6- Control is in your hands

Growing cannabis at home allows you to become your own master grower, giving you total autonomy to control every aspect of the growing process. One of the most inherently rewarding aspects of this process is developing a system that works perfectly for you. Whether you’re looking to grow organically, hydroponically, in pots, or in raised beds, there is a system designed to make growing cannabis fun and easy according to your individual preferences.

Besides, when you decide to grow your cannabis plants, you’re taking an important step to ensure the quality of the products that you use. By monitoring the whole process, from seed selection to harvest, you can make sure that your plants are grown safely and responsibly. In addition, you can choose to use organic growing methods and avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals, further ensuring that your plants don’t contain harmful substances.

10 reasons why self-grown cannabis is the best weed you’ll ever taste
A small space can be more than enough to grow high-quality marijuana

7- You can share the fruits of your labour

Once you get consistent results, there’s no better feeling than giving your buds to your friends. Seeing them enjoy the bounty of your harvest binds you to them. And spreading the cannabis that you grew with love can lead to an incredible community. Before you know it, your friends will also be sharing their own crop with you! This way, you won’t get bored of always having the same strains, and you and your friends can even organise yourselves to grow different varieties to meet all your expectations in terms of flavours and effects.

8- You take a stance on the legalisation of marijuana

When you grow your own marijuana at home, you’re entering into a movement and making a statement of intent. You’re effectively promoting local agriculture and exercising a human right that few enjoy on the face of the earth: the fundamental right to freedom of choice and the free development of personality; fighting against the fascist act of wanting to ban something for false interests. It’s time to put an end to the stigmatisation of this plant, and the best way to do so is by discovering for yourself the injustice of the lies that have been said about it.

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9- You respect your privacy

It’s understandable to feel a little uncomfortable when you’re buying marijuana. You may be asked a lot of questions or feel judged for it. Growing your own cannabis is not only a great way to ensure you have a consistent supply of high-quality weed, but it also provides a privacy advantage. When you grow marijuana, you can ensure you get the level of discretion that you need, and you don’t have to worry about other people knowing what you’re buying or using. This is an intimate relationship between you and your plant, and nothing or nobody needs to get in the way.

10- You ensure you’ll always have your favourite weed

When you grow cannabis, you can experiment with different varieties and growing methods to find the perfect blend that suits your preferences and needs. Everybody has their favourite flavour or effect that makes them fly to the moon. Learning to grow that marijuana strain all the way to harvest time provides the grower with a certain sense of accomplishment. Consider yourself a craftsman who is capable of creating a trademark: your own brand of cannabis.

Reasons like these explain why there is no better cannabis than your own. The connections that are made with the plants; the gratification of a job well done; top quality and savings: self-grown cannabis has it all. After you’ve grown your own marijuana, you’ll realise that the best weed that you’ll ever smoke starts with a tiny seed in your hands. The journey is the destination! Cannabis perfectly embodies this expression, and we hope that after reading these ten reasons, you too will be inspired to get some soil and plant a seed!

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