Countries that moved towards cannabis legalization in 2016

Countries that moved towards cannabis legalization in 2016

De: Roberto Kannabia Grow

2016 has seen a radical change in the European wide process to legalise cannabis and more and more countries are standing up to be counted. We at Kannabia have played our part and are happy to be included among those who have taken these latest steps (whether big or small) especially in reference to the 2016 regulation which specifies recreational theraputic use.

Sixteen American states have regulated cannabis with clear medicinal objectives in mind. This year, states such as California, Massachussets, Nevada and Maine have passed legislation to permit the use of cannabis as a recreational drug.

In Europe as a whole, countries such as France, The UK, Ireland, Macedonia and Portugal have all opened the debate and taken steps to normalise and vindicate the use of cannabis as both a theraputical and recreational drug.

Latin America is leading by example

The president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, has proposed the limited legalisation of the drug (controlled cultivation etc) as a counter measure to widespread crime. This proposal was delivered at a Federal and Senate level and has tremendous potential. Argentina and Colombia  are debating the benefits of regularisation although this process looks as if it may be a drawn out one. In the case of Uruguay, although the use of cannabis as a theraputic drug remains an open and positive debate, the process has somewhat stagnated due to the question of selling the drug in pharmacies. This situation neither helps the existing market nor the development of a new one.

All told, we at Kannibia are very happy with the steps taken and the ground covered throughout 2016 and we will move forward with the same momentum in 2017. Keep the ball rolling!

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