Legal support for the medical use of cannabis in Germany and Brazil

Legal support for the medical use of cannabis in Germany and Brazil

De: Roberto Kannabia Activism

The last few weeks the international community of cannabis has been marked by two very good news. Although separated by thousands of miles of ‘oceanic’ distance, both in Germany and in Brazil it appears that civil society, politicians and judges begin to agree finally, at least about therapeutical use of cannabis.

The German Cabinet has launched draft legislation that will allow patients with serious illnesses to access therapeutic cannabis with a doctor’s prescription, and to receive treatment funded by the public health system. Doctors may prescribe cannabis dry flowers and cannabis extract.

“Our goal is that people with serious diseases will be treated in the best possible way, and for people with serious diseases the cost of cannabis will be assumed by social welfare,” stated the Minister of Health of Germany, Hermann Gröhe.

If all goes according to schedule, in 2017 cannabis for therapeutical use will be fully accessible.

Furthermore, the Federal Administrative Court of Germany recently decided in favour of a patient asking to cultivate his own marijuana. A landmark decision which, we hope, will set a precedent in the country.

And meanwhile, in Brazil… Cannabis extract medicines are legal since last March, including those from CBD (not psychoactive) and THC (psychoactive elements). Brazilian doctors can already prescribe therapeutic cannabis to all those patients who need treatment.

Brazil’s government has also authorized the import of oil derivative from cannabidiol from United States, and has recognized the importance of its use to fight against pain and the symptoms of chronic diseases.

Although self-cultivation and recreational use of marijuana remains legally punishable both in Germany and Brazil, decriminalise the consumption for therapeutic purposes is a great victory for the cannabis community.

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