Ventilation needs for a home grow

Ventilation needs for a home grow

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When talking about ventilation needs for a home grow, We are mainly concerned with the needs of air in marijuana seeds indoor cultivation, because naturally outdoors the air circulates freely and there are not as many factors affecting this.

In an indoor grow, high power lamps are often used which produce a lot of heat. As a result the temperature of the grow space can rise in excess, as it is usually a small place. Outdoors, the amount of carbon dioxide undergoes few variations, but in indoor crops, leaves can consume the CO2 surrounding them in a matter of minutes. For this reason it is essential to have fans to homogenize the air around the plant, as well as an extraction system that expels the hot, humid and vitiated air from the area.

Maintaining optimum ventilation is also essential for pest prevention, since in poorly ventilated areas, fungal spores settle more easily and mites have more opportunities to establish their colonies. Although a small grow should not produce a very strong odour, it is always advisable to install a carbon filter on the end of the extraction tube to prevent these odours escaping.

From Kannabia Seed Company, as a marijuana seeds bank we would like to state the following items in accordance with current legislation in force in Spain:

1.- That cultivation should only be for personal supply and consumption.

2.- That the use and purpose of your cultivation must be therapeutic.

3.- That the plantation should be carried out in the privacy of your own home, similarly the  consumption. And most importantly, all information that is given references a small cultivation.

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