Good Vibes in UK thanks to Product Earth Expo

Good Vibes in UK thanks to Product Earth Expo

Durch: Roberto Kannabia Kultur

Cannabis is also making its own place in the Bristish collective imagination.Earth Product Expo promises to be the largest cannabis fair in the country and, with effort and hard work, it revealed so past 25 and 26 June. Thanks to Kannabia stand at the fair, we were able to see firsthand the enormous interest of the British for everything related to cannabis culture.

About 5,400 people visited the exhibition during the fair days. Grandparents and grandchildren, people in their thirties, youngsters, mature people … Time and again is more and more evident for us that interest in marijuana does not distinguish between ages, nations or borders. Among the visitors industry professionals, cannabis clubs, medical users and users wanting to have fun happily mingled.

Product Earth Expo is, according to their website “a global event aimed at educating the public, sharing innovation and promoting the progress from the Hemp and Cannabis Industries.

The bet of the organizers of the event included a panel of interesting conferences and meetings with activists and specialists in medical cannabis, like Viola and Jeff Ditchfield Brugnateli. A real luxury program, it was combined gracefully with live music and activities in the outdoor complex all day long and night.

Kannabia’s  booth there were lots of questions about  Spanish strains, highly respected and coveted by British consumers. Again, our Mataro Blue attracted the interest of many of our friends. One of them even dropped by the stand wearing a nice Kannabia T-shirt, so cool!

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