I love your seeds!

I love your seeds!

Durch: Roberto Kannabia Anbau

A good friend from Kannabia sent us this message speaking about our strains. We couldn’t resist the temptation to publish it, thanks a lot for this message full of love!

“I just wanted to message you all and tell you guys I love your seeds! I bought some because of a really good promo. I only got the chance to grow a Baby Boom Auto seed last year and just 1 because by the time I got them, it was late summer and I’m still learning how to grow indoors (especially in flower) but I do extremely well for a beginner, currently in my 4th year of outdoor growing.

Later on I got Afrodite, Karibena, and Mataro blue! OH MY GOD! They are such GORGEOUS plants!!!! I have nothing but love for these plants that came from your company! Strong hearty plants I cannot praise them enough!

Out of all the plants I started in January, 15, maybe half of them are as strong and beautiful as yours.

So I got ahold of another promo and currently trying to get a Mataro Blue, CBD Mataro Blue, CBD BCN diesel, Muneka Rusa, Afrodite, Amnesi-k, 3 Baby Booms, and a Gnomo all going right now because I love your plants so much! They, too, are growing very nicely despite the rain and the bugs that come out with that.

I just wanted to share the love towards you guys and as long as your plants turn out just as awesome as they are now, you can bet I’ll be back to your website.

Oh and that Mataro Blue is like…I just love the way she smells in flower! I have about 2 more weeks before she’s done and in jars and hopefully I’ll get to smoke her for my birthday June 30! I am just so excited this year because I get to have a harvest for my birthday! And it is 1 of your plants well two actually, as my Afrodite is right there with the Mataro Blue, about 2 weeks away. But I love the Mataro Blue a little bit more because of her blueberry smell.

Thank you so much for your work and I can’t wait to show all the people I know! Never heard of Mataro Blue but she’s like the famous blue dreams indica half sister lol. And everybody knows about Blue Dream…wait till they get a taste of Mataro Blue! Don’t get me wrong though, right next to my Mataro Blue is an actual Blue Dream! I love haze, and blueberry apparently, not going to give that up and she’s one of the just as beautiful plants I have but I am eager to try something new!

Thank you! thank you! thank you! You guys are definitely AWESOME!”

Our friend talks about this strains:

Mataro Blue

Mataro Blue CBD


Muñeka Rusa (Russian Doll)

Gnomo Auto

Baby Boom Auto


BCN Diesel

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