Tricks to mask the smell of your cultivation

Tricks to mask the smell of your cultivation

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We can’t really say that the smell of a cannabis cultivation is discreet. To make matters worse, the legal situation in many countries means that cannabis fragrance is not something to boast about. For this reason many people may be interested to know how to mask this fragrance as much as possible. In this post we will tell you some formulas to ensure that the air surrounding your plants stays clean and scent-free. We will begin with propositions for indoor cultivation, going on to ideas for exterior cultivation and finishing with a few home recipes which we have found work well.

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Proposals for Indoors

Active Carbon filter

This is one of options that most people opt for, most of all those who grow cannabis indoors. One of the requirements of this method is that it must always be accompanied by a tubular air extractor of the correct capacity. This filter contains small activated carbon pellets which eliminate odors from the air, keeping the air totally free of any type of fragrance. The market offers a multitude of diameters and capacities, according to the size of our grow.


Ozone Generators

Also known as ozonators, these are a widely used alternative in the home, to eliminate the smell of food in certain environments, to clean pathogens or eliminate water pollution. Ozone, in small quantities, is a totally harmless gas for health, meaning that these devices are commonly used, and can be found at a wide variety of prices. However, ozone can be dangerous for people and plants in large quantities so they can not be left running long. This is a more expensive option than the previous one. Ozonators produce ozone gas through the liberation of oxygen found in the atmosphere


Anti odor gels

On the market you can also find many brands of anti-odor gels which work to neutralize all types of smells. They are normally made natural essential oils, which release an agreeable fruity perfume on contact with air. As their ingredients are natural and non toxic, they are totally harmless for our health and that of our plants.

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Proposals for outdoors

Grow aromatic plants

The air can be a great ally in removing the smell of our plants from our land, however it can also take the fragrance to exactly where our neighbours live. It’s a real lottery! The best advice in these cases is that you also cultivate other types of aromatic plants, which have their own perfume, something strong and distinctive like night jasmine (Galen de la Noche), honeysuckle, mint, lavender or marigold.

Home made ideas for indoors

Vinegar to camouflage odours

If you use this option it is because your home grow is smaller in size. Just put a glass of vinegar inside the grow cabinet. As the smell of this liquid is so powerful it works very well to cover the smell of the plants. It is advisable to top it up with new vinegar every 3 days.

 limon y clavos para evitar olor a marihuana

Lemon and cloves

The combination of a citrus as strong as lemon and a spice with the many properties of cloves is a classic in all homes. As well as working as a repellent against flies and other insects, it also functions as an odour absorber. A totally natural method and very easy to do, just cut the lemon and stick 6 cloves in its flesh. Remember that citrus fruits dry and you will need to change it every 3 days for it to remain effective.

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