The ABC´s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents, by Shira Adler

The ABC´s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents, by Shira Adler

By: Laura Rueda Culture

Would you like to learn more about CBD in a fun and entertaining way? Shira Adler has written this humorous book, to take you by the hand and lead you through history page by page, discovering fascinating facts as you go. Its chapters will clear your doubts, banish myths and refresh the way you view this cannabinoid, which offers us so many possibilities.

The ABC´s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents, by Shira Adler

The ABC’S of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (And Regular Folks Too) is a book written by Shira Adler . According to its author it is “recommended for aging parents,  disenfranchised millennials, children with disorders, addictions, and diseases that boggle the mind and break the heart. ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Autism, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Colitis, and much more”.

Why is pot not what we were taught?

In YesWeSkunk we were taken with the attractive bubblegum pink cover of this book with its green marijuana leaves and yellow letters. In addition to showing the title, its cover poses a question, why is herb not what they teach us? This is where this author, speaker, businesswoman and cannabis activist uses her voice to provide education, information and awareness about what is happening right now in cannabis culture.

“My book, The ABCs of CBD, covers in a succinct, humorous and comprehensive way the whole spectrum of things related to CBD, cannabis, hemp and more … From ancient history, to pop culture, trends in the industry and commerce, the endocannabinoid system and  social justice, plus what science is proving, and why politicians posture, “explains Shira Adler.

How to talk to your children about CBD

And this very natural way of talking about this plant that is treated with such suspicion by our society, is present throughout the book, including the chapter dedicated to parents who want to know how to talk with their children about CBD. And this is because she already has experience in this sensitive field.

“I am” that “mother who transmutes my own shocking experience of having been reported to Child Protective Services (more than once) into a powerful platform to encourage and elevate others. Basically, my throat chakra has no off switch. “

A book that answers all your questions

This practical, educational and complete guide is accessible to any reader, written in a humorous tone and answers everything you ever wanted to know about cannabinoids but were afraid to ask. The only issue (for us here in Spain!)  is that it is not translated into Spanish, so you’ll have to read it in English. Even so, reading it is not complicated and you can order it in eBook format or on paper through Amazon.

The ABC´s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents, by Shira Adler

“¡La ciencia apunta al CBD, y los titulares diarios están de acuerdo! Sin embargo, el estadounidense promedio no tiene idea de qué es, cómo usarlo o si es legal hacerlo. El estigma, el miedo, la injusticia social y la desinformación continúan apareciendo en la psique de Estados Unidos. Este es el momento en el que la revolución de la marihuana medicinal está transformando nuestro sistema de creencias y la forma en que percibimos esta sustancia que una vez fue altamente estigmatizada”. Así nos anima su autora a leer su libro.


Adler is considered #MAMA, Modern, Alternative, Mother and Advocate. She also calls herself #ThePotMom. And if you are still wondering why you should read The ABC of CBD her communication group gives us some reasons. Firstly, Because it is great edutainment, covering the whole spectrum of everything CBD-related, cannabis, hemp and more. Secondly, because by reading it, you will learn, participate and educate. In short, you will not be disappointed.

The author participated as a debut mum on the television program Extreme Guide to Parenting by Bravo and The extreme guide for the upbringing of children. Here, she, her partner and their children offered a nontraditional vision of how this parenting style works for them. She has also appeared on Good Morning America and The Today Show, through her articles and podcasts.

“If you are reading this, you are already a cannabis advocate and you know that it is not always easy to defend what you believe. For me it is my purpose and my passion”, she confesses.


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