EasyJoint, Green Gold Rush Fever in Italy

EasyJoint, Green Gold Rush Fever in Italy

By: Laura Rueda Activism

EasyJoint is the new revolution in Italy: the brand, created by Luca Marola, has positioned itself as the market leader of cannabis light in the country. There are already more than 450 points of sale covering the whole of Italy, of this project specialising in low THC marijuana. This trend, which has triumphed across the board, has been a total revolution in the Mediterranean peninsula and, according to the International newspaper, The New York Times, it’s already being called “Green Gold Rush Fever”

EasyJoint, Green Gold Rush Fever in Italy

“The finest selections of legal cannabis, following Italian laws. Cultivated totally in Italy, using organic techniques, we guarantee the absolute safety of our products through innovative traceability systems” This is the presentation of EasyJoint on its website,which in addition to physical stores offers its products through online sales.

The cannabis light sold by EasyJoint has a THC concentration of between 0.2% – 0.48%. According to Italian law, products for sale must not exceed 0.6% of this cannabinoid. This means that the flowers that are for sale have absolutely no psychoactive effect, but produce a relaxing effect in those that consume them. CBD and other active compounds vary depending on product and batch. “EasyJoint is a range of products comprising of various types of feminised Cannabis Sativa L. buds selected for their high quality, naturally grown and cut and processed by hand” the website tells us.

This company, based in Palma was founded in May 2017 and started with online sales. Then came the franchise chain with a physical presence throughout the country. EasyJoint in no way presents its products as medicinal, although the high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol) can help with some issues like insomnia or various pains as they have anti inflammatory and sedating properties. They do, however,  claim it is a natural substitute for tobacco.

EasyJoint, Green Gold Rush Fever in Italy

Baring in mind this profile, the target consumers of EasyJoint are very varied and of many different ages: people that have given up tobacco; former consumers of cannabis that miss the flavour; parents that prefer that their sons and daughters consume a regulated product and buy it directly to avoid them going to the black market; patients with pain or illness.

Even so, this product is sold with a “warning”, that it should not be smoked or eaten, but should be taken in infusions or inhaled in vaporisers. It also states that the seeds that are sold are not for human consumption or cultivation, that these articles are for “collectors”. Cannabis Light is regulated in Italy by the laws that regulate the production of hemp, which came into force in December 2016.

Behind EasyJoint there is a genuine consumer revolution, with sales skyrocketing since its launch and according to company data, an an order request being received every thirty seconds. But even more, there is a political aim. Its creator, Luca Marola, has said that this brand is a “institutional provocation” so that bit by bit, steps will be taken in favour of the total legalisation of the plant. The objective is to erase the stigma that the plant still suffers and achieve its complete legalization, overcoming prohibition once and for all.


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