Latest Work Completed by SAPP

Latest Work Completed by SAPP

By: SAPP Activism

This month we bring you news of the latest activities carried out by the association, but not before wishing you a good start to the year 2018.

Universal Wonderful Street Academy

We ended another year having fulfilled our mission to help street children in Accra, Ghana. In addition to providing them with an educational environment where they can learn, we also feed them breakfast and lunch each day, as well as paying for medical assistance when they need it. Those who have completed their preparation with us have been sent to the formal school where we continue to support them whilst they complete the official African school education.

Latest Work Completed by SAPPLatest Work Completed by SAPP

Our future project is a residential school center where girls and boys can stay and not have to return to the streets after school. For this project, there are several scheduled phases.

Phase I. School. The first phase of the project is already underway. Thanks to a donation received, the adjoining wall, foundations and basic structures of 6 classrooms, office, kitchen / dining room and two bathrooms have already been built. The next step is to finish the walls and ceilings, levelling and tiling floors, windows and doors and finally electricity and plumbing. After which come sanitation and potable water.

Latest Work Completed by SAPP

Phase II. Households. This phase will begin once school finishes. The rooms for the children, staff and international volunteers that visit us every year will be built.

Phase III. Library and workshops. The final phase of the project is to create a library, as well as craft workshops and a large terrace / stage that will be used for cultural and social events such as dance concerts and traditional African music.

Latest Work Completed by SAPPLatest Work Completed by SAPP

This new school project will not only be a safe home and an educational center. Its construction is already helping the growth of the whole community. Help us make it happen!

Volunteering in December

Our volunteers ended the year offering their time and experience in different projects. We hope that in 2018 we can continue to count on you, since without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you very much everybody!

Latest Work Completed by SAPPLatest Work Completed by SAPPLatest Work Completed by SAPP

If you need more information about any of the activities, or wish to know more about any other topic, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you very much to everyone who supports us for helping this project progress!

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