Colorado creates a bullying prevention program with marijuana tax

Colorado creates a bullying prevention program with marijuana tax

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The state of Colorado legalized Marijuana in 2014, becoming the first public market of marijuana for recreational use in the United States. Since then, Colorado has accumulated a large surplus of tax rates from it commercialisation.

Although the voting was very close, 50.5% was in favor, with a difference of 70,000 votes to those who voted NO. The new legislation legalized cannabis for recreational use for adults, and now people are allowed to open stores regulated by the Taxes Department, to sale and cultivate marijuana (maximum of 6 plants).

Last November the amount ascended to 66 million dollars, so the citizens were consulted by the government to decide what to do with the money. They elected to use it for other services.

Few days after the voting, a video in which a student hit another at a bus stop in Colorado appeared. Citizens angered because this situation and the government decided to use the money to fight for a urgent cause: prevention of bullying.

In that way, part of the marijuana tax will be destined to create a bullying prevention program developed by the Colorado Department of Education. According to the coordinator, Adam Collins, “Colorado is the only state that provides these funds to prevent bullying in school. It is a unique opportunity to ensure the social and emotional well-being “.

The project will include classes about bullying in schools, and specialized coaches who will show to teachers how to act in cases of bullying among students. The main objective is to change the culture of the schools in this aspect, involving students, parents and school teachers.

Schools interested in joining to the program have a deadline to apply for the grant, which ends next October 21. Finally, 50 of them will be chosen and they can use these funds against bullying in 2017.

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