Woody Harrelson plans to open a dispensary of marijuana in Hawaii

Woody Harrelson plans to open a dispensary of marijuana in Hawaii

Pour: Roberto Kannabia Activisme

Without doubt, there are actors who, thanks to their lifestyle, far away from the most glamourous and snob side that surrounds Hollywood’s scene and big screens, have won the sympathy of the general public. This is, indeed, the case of American actor Woody Harrelson who became famous acting in Cheers sitcom. And who, among many other roles, has played recently as detective Marty Hart in the acclaimed True Detective series.

The well-known actor has applied for a license to open a medical Marijuana dispensary in the idyllic Hawaii, Honolulu County. Harrelson application is one of 66 in total. Only 8 out of those will be the lucky ones to receive their license to open a marijuana dispensary. However, we will have to be patient, as final decision is scheduled for April. If the actor’s company, Simple Organic Living, is selected, they will be open for business by July. Dispensary applicants must have $1 million cash to apply for a licence, plus another $100,000 for each dispensary location.

As you may remember, it was Hawaii, which became the first State in USA in legalizing the medical use of marijuana, a whopping 16 years ago. While law has been on the side of those patients who decided to use marijuana within their medical treatments, their options to obtain it were reduced to self-cultivation or conversely to receive it from their caregivers. With the current initiative, the State of Hawaii will provide on request medical marijuana through 8 clinics distributed all over the islands.

All in all, we are pretty sure that, if Harrelson’s request is accepted, his dispensary would be another attraction for tourists and locals on the island. Animal rights activist, preacher of an organic and healthy lifestyle, and yes, a marijuana advocate, as he’s attempt to start a legal dispensary shows. Here in Europe, maybe one of the lesser known facets of the actor, of which he never made a secret in his own country, although he has not stated publicly anything related to his marijuana shop opening plans yet. We already like him more than before!

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