10 films to have a laugh while… you know what

10 films to have a laugh while… you know what

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How about a “cosy-comfy-spring” plan for the weekend? On World Laughter Day, Kannabia wants to offer you an unbeatable plan. If you feel like enjoying your couch, a film and a blanket, here are 10 movies to laugh with, while indulging yourself with your favourite strains (we’ve got of course some suggestions for that ;-), just click here). Classics and non-classics to spend a nice time with. Kannabia’s team has its own preferences, indeed. Which movies will you add to the list?

1) Borat.

Sacha Baron performs here one of his best roles ever in this comedy from 2006, for with which won the Golden Globe for Best Actor. A journalist from Kazakhstan travels to United States to film a documentary on the American lifestyle.

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2) Life of Brian.

Any film from Monty Phython pays off for this article’s purpose, and in an agitated political scene as the one we are living now, the quarrel between the People’s Front of Judea’ and the ‘Popular Front of Judea’ fits perfectly the desire to take news with some sense of humour.

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3) Some like it hot.

We bounce back to black and White to enjoy for a while by hand of the acclaimed film director Billy Wilder. Actresses, actors and deluxe interpretations thanks to Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe and hilarious Jack Lemmon. Well, nobody is perfect!

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4) Cheech and Choong.

Humour loaded with marijuana, good vibes and seventies rock, trilogy from this couple of comedians is already a classic.

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5) Top Secret

Is, par excellence, the Holy Grail of all absurd movies. The most foolish among the foolish. A tape that has aged quite well, no matter how many times you watch it, its ‘gags’ for sure, with a very young Val Kilmer in the cast, will take you to extreme laughter.

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6) Amanece que no es poco (“Dawn is breaking, and that’s something”.

Spanish cult comedy from director José Luis Cuerda, a surrealism lover, comedian and commited with social reality. 

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7) Groundhog Day.

At Kannabia we do not know what we would do if we awoke always on the same day. What we do know is, what the main character of the film, a journalist played by Bill Murray would do. He must remember the basics of coexistence and respect for their peers, thus only will he get to live a new day.

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8) The Big Lebowski.

The psychedelic journey of Jeff Bridges, The Dude, in Los Angeles, has hit a whole generation with his ‘Dudeism’. It is always a good idea to watch it again, and again and again. Which is your favourite scene?

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9) Clueless.

Teenage humour for those suffering of 90’s nostalgia. Thanks to the posh girl role, a classic in the highschool movies from the States, where we meet the wonderful actress Alicia Silverston.

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10) Clerks.

Kevin’s Smith opera prima needed very little budget to transform it into a cult movie. Since then, there are millions who got emotionally attached to main characters Jay & Silent Bob.

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