10 top tips from expert growers on how to increase the size of your buds

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We’ve all heard about different methods and tricks to increase the size of cannabis buds, ranging from stress training techniques to the use of flowering boosters. But no matter what you’ve been told: growing marijuana is a difficult skill to learn which requires lots of time and patience before you can actually consider yourself a pro. But rest assured that everything will be much simpler if you follow these top tips!

If you take cannabis growing seriously, then trying to get your plants to produce the biggest buds should be your top priority. And why not? Big buds are certainly the sign of a successful harvest. Plus they have a richer terpene/cannabinoid profile, as well as greater bag appeal.

However, you’re pretty unlikely to obtain monstrous nuggets on your first attempt, so don’t push yourself too hard. Avoid all those tricks from the Internet and myths with dubious effectiveness; you’ll be much better off following these top tips which are considered by seasoned growers to be the most suitable to obtain buds as big as fists.

1- Increase the intensity of the lighting

Light is the most important factor in terms of bud fattening, as it helps the plants produce energy and sugars through photosynthesis, which eventually leads to larger flowers. In the past, growers used lights of up to 1000W per square metre for optimum results. Nowadays, though, watts are not as important thanks to the arrival of LED lamps. In any case, anything you can do to get more intense lighting on your flowering buds will help to increase the yielding capacity of the plants.

2- Choose the best light spectrum

In short, this is the colour of the light produced by the lamps. Not all growing lamps produce the same light colour. Green/blue light (which ranges from 490 to 570 nm) helps plants grow by improving their water absorption capacity. In contrast, yellow light (between 570 and 585 nm) encourages plants to grow tall and start developing buds. Red light (which oscillates between 520 – 720 nm) helps increase resin production and bud size. So, if your aim is to fatten the buds, then it’s best to stick with lights that are mainly within the red spectrum.

LED lamps are the best choice because you can easily control the light colour at each stage of the plant’s life cycle.

3- Maintain good airflow

Airflow is the second most vital factor for the production of thicker buds. The cannabis plant has evolved to be pollinated by wind, and is designed to focus all its energy on the shoots which enjoy optimal light and airflow conditions. You can use this feature in your favour: all you need to do is maximise the ventilation in your grow tent. By increasing the airflow, you’re encouraging the plant to focus more energy on the buds so they become larger and fatter.

4- Make use of carbon dioxide

Cannabis plants also need CO2 to produce energy from light via photosynthesis. With low power grow lights (such as CFL, T5, or small LED lights), plants can ‘digest’ all the light with natural CO2 levels. But with more potent lamps (especially HPS), CO2 levels can fall enough to then limit photosynthesis. In other words, part of the light is wasted. When this happens, additional CO2 can help the plants to produce more energy with the same amount of light, which results in quicker growth and larger buds.

5- Promote root aeration

It is very important to remember that most of the cannabis plant uses carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, but its roots absorb oxygen instead. If you’re going to use pots, it’s best to choose those which are more breathable or permeable to air so that oxygen can easily get to the root area. If you’re using fabric pots, the roots will look for the humidity and available nutrients, finding the fabric wall through which air can pass. Once the tip of the root finds an air pocket, it curls around on itself to create two root tips. The higher the number of roots, and the more aerated these are, the larger the buds.

10 top tips from expert growers on how to increase the size of your buds
Autoflowerings growing in EazyPlug Pyramid systems, without the need for pots to promote maximum root aeration.

6- Train the plants so they form a uniform canopy

Cannabis naturally grows in the shape of a Christmas tree, developing several lateral branches and a main cola, which produces the largest buds as it is further exposed to light and air. With the different training techniques, plants are forced to grow wider and flatter rather than tall and thin, so that the lateral branches are exposed to as much light and air as the main cola. We suggest that you consider LST, SCROG, Super cropping, Fimming, Lollipopping, or Mainlining.

7- Combine forces with mycorrhizal fungi

The use of mycorrhizal fungi is a natural and effective way to improve the vitality of your plants. These fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the roots, letting them access nutrients and water in a more efficient way. This relationship also boosts the plant’s immune system, making it more resistant to pests and diseases. You can add mycorrhizal fungi to the substrate or the nutrient mix at the start of the growth cycle, or you can apply them directly on the roots during transplanting.

8- Colder temperatures at the end of the flowering stage

Even though this may seem like a bad idea, letting your grow tent cool down between 10 and 15ºC overnight during the last two weeks of the flowering can actually be beneficial. A sequence of warm days (lights on) and cool nights (lights off) towards the end of the flowering period perfectly mimics the natural life cycle of many cannabis genetics which flower naturally during the coldest months. These cooler temperatures stimulate the metabolic system of the plants, which leads to greater resin production and more compact buds.

9- Force periods of controlled drought

Drought stress is another method commonly used to increase bud growth. When applied correctly, a simulated drought forces the plants to react. They do this by increasing their root growth, to help prepare for the shortage of supplies, whilst they simultaneously benefit from an increase in the level of available oxygen. What’s more, certain studies have shown that, when the plants are subjected to controlled water stress conditions, there is a significant increase in the production of cannabinoids like THC or CBD (up to 12 and 13% respectively).

10- Harvest at the right time

Lastly, remember that cutting the plants too soon can throw away all the hard work of several months, so being patient is absolutely essential. Cannabis buds can increase in size by up to 25% during the last two or three weeks. Use a magnifying glass to examine the plant’s trichomes: if they’re still clear and transparent, then it’s too soon to cut them. If they’ve started turning a milky or cloudy white, then this is a sign that the THC they contain is potent and the buds are ready for harvest.

Darker amber and red colours indicate that the plants are riper and will deliver a more physical or narcotic effect.

So while all of the previous tips will help you increase the yield of your choice of marijuana, it’s also true that genetics plays a vital role. The strains currently available on the market produce much higher yields and are much more powerful than the strains from even a decade ago. Therefore, buying quality cannabis seeds like Kannabia’s can be one of the simplest ways to increase the size, potency, and aroma of your buds.

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