Alicante city council will regulate Cannabis Clubs

Alicante city council will regulate Cannabis Clubs

De: Roberto Kannabia Ativismo

Alicante joins the list of Spanish cities with concrete and kind regulation for cannabis clubs. Spanish newspaper El Mundo published last July 21th.

Alicante city council will draft a municipal ordinance to define the characteristics and minimum requirements to be met by the clubs, and will also recognise the existence of associations properly registered.

The draft explains the need to “decouple cannabis consumption and /or its derivatives from traffic or illicit supply through consumers management themselves of the full cycle of production and distribution of these substances.” By this ordinance, Guanyar Party wants to back up responsible consumption, supported by a quality control of the cannabis available in clubs. It also aims the clubs to serve as a safe and legal point to purchase cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

There are currently half a dozen cannabis clubs in Alicante, and Dani Simon, from Guanyar group, has made clear that “we are not legalizing cannabis clubs, we are regularizing them”. Associations will be included in a public record and will be under the local government control.

Guanyar Alacant group will present a motion in the City Council plenary. It will be a text similar to the one approved by the city of San Sebastián. Guanyar relies on the favourable votes of Ciudadanos and the support or abstention of PSOE and Compromís, so the ordinance is expected to go ahead even with the vote against of Partido Popular.

Great news for the city of Alicante, where clubs that already exist will no longer be in a legal limbo and will be controlled by registration; and users will have access to cannabis with absolute tranquillity.

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