Austria loves us! Kannabia at Cultiva 2016

Austria loves us! Kannabia at Cultiva 2016

De: Roberto Kannabia Cultura

With their homework done, the seed catalogue well memorised and of course in a highly organised way. That was how the Austrian public approached Kannabia’s booth at Cultiva Hanf-Messe, organized one more year – the ninth already – in the city of Vienna, the perfect scenario to celebrate one of the more important fairs of the sector in Europe.

Mikromachine, Hobbit Auto and Mataro Blue, among the preferences of the participants, who know perfectly Kannabia’s seed catalogue, and have become aware of their good results. We return to Spain happy and feeling loved, missing the Austrian beer, and, of course, in good company of the typical Wiener sausages (which are called Frankfurt by the Austrians).

Along the banks of Danube, we have enjoyed three great days, meeting old friends and engaging new relationships with fantastic people. The program of the fair has been very complete, with live music, glass blowing exhibition, workshops and a top-level conference program.

Unlike other fairs, marijuana plants and cuttings garnished the pavilions – the Pyramid Center – thanks to the “permissive” Austrian law, which allows to buy and sell cuttings, although it is forbidden to take the plants to bloom. A paradox that has raised a laugh to more than one during these days.

We’ve learned amazing data about the hemp’s world and on medical cannabis, by hand of figures as relevant as medical doctor Manuel Guzman, Hana Gabrielova, Kurt Blaas and Paul Hornby. Prominent people who have achieved to fill the congress hall again and again. From Cultiva Hanf-Messe we got the same feeling as the latest events of the sector to which we have assisted: cannabis movement is unstoppable!

We’d like to share with you some of the pics from the weekend. Meanwhile, we undo the suitcase and get ready for the next cutting-edge event in the world of cannabis.

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