Better Than the Sun:  Growing With LEDs

Better Than the Sun: Growing With LEDs

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The BEST Way To Grow!

By: Jennawae McLean

There was a time when a super-hot HPS light was the only option for indoor growers. Who isn’t familiar with the bright yellow glow and warmth of a room full of HPS lights with oscillating fans blowing the hot, humid air all around the room? It takes a lot of energy to mimic the sun (which you will notice pretty quickly on your steep electricity bills). Not to mention the cost of regularly replacing burnt out bulbs as well as all the other accessories you need (ballasts, special wiring, fans and even air conditioners!). Could there be a better, more efficient, less expensive way?

LED technology has come a LONG way. What’s special about it is that it uses the spectrum of colour to its advantage, which results in a more efficient (and ultimately less expensive grow overall). Here are the reasons why you should consider switching to LED Lights for your next grow.

LED lights are the safest lights to use

LED lights are all-in-one units that never overheat and have an automatic shutoff once they reach a certain temperature. LED lights will never become a fire hazard, or even get too hot to touch. Other systems risk overheating and can become very dangerous if wired improperly.

LED light systems are the easiest to master

With legalization fast approaching there will be many first time growers in the near future. LED systems are plug and play, and couldn’t be simpler. Hang, plug, and go!

LED lights are the most efficient lights on the market

LED lights draw half the power of a traditional HPS bulb. Just like a television or a regular lightbulb in your house, using an LED light in your grow room will represent a huge saving on your electricity bill. LEDs are also efficient with the light spectrum—they only use the colours of light that the plants need to grow (blue and red). HPS lights use excessive lights the plants don’t need, expending more energy.

LED lights are the least expensive way to grow indoors

LED lights last 20X longer than a traditional HPS light. You will never have to replace an LED because it burnt out. Because LED systems are just plug and play, you don’t have to worry about confusing wiring or hiring a professional electrician for installation, and you don’t need to invest in other auxiliary products (like reflectors, ballasts, replacement bulbs or even fans—LEDs stay super cool). Let’s not forget about your monthly electricity costs also being much lower as well!

LED lights produce the highest quality cannabis

LED lights use the specific spectrum of colour that the plants require to maximize both potency and flavour of cannabis. Furthermore, because the lights stay cool, you don’t have to worry about any degradation of any cannabinoids or terpenes that may otherwise be burned under hot HPS lights.

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