Christmas gift guide for cannabis fans

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Want to buy a Christmas present for someone who loves weed? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back: Here at Kannabia we feel highly qualified to recommend marijuana-related gifts for this special time of year. Our list includes items such as pipes, vapes, cookbooks, perfumes, and many more. There are also some products that mask the smell of weed, as well as edibles, gummies, and even some luxury products to start the party with, or rather finish it.

Now that cannabis is finally on everyone’s lips, the whole cannabis paraphernalia and product range is becoming more sophisticated. Gone are the days when headshops were not yet dominating Planet Earth and cannabis users were forced to use primitive, often homemade tools. Nowadays, in contrast, marijuana-related products are easier to find and purchase online than ever before.

And now that the Christmas holidays are upon us, and particularly now that the legalisation of medical and recreational marijuana is a normal discussion in an increasing number of nations, you will probably find a growing number of family members and friends who are enthusiastic about this plant, either because they have always enjoyed it or because of its undeniable, science-backed therapeutic potential.

So, in this spirit, it’s time to find the perfect gift for that person in your life who is passionate about cannabis. It doesn’t matter how introverted or extroverted they are… It’s very likely that you’ll want to give them a present related to our favourite plant this Christmas.

So forget about wireless headphones or experience boxes like the ones you got last year for ‘Secret Santa’. Put aside the idea of earrings or underwear for your sister. Don’t even think about those cute socks or ugly Christmas sweaters for your best friend. Instead, consider getting some of the really fun things that cannabis has to offer, like perhaps some of the gift ideas that are listed below:


1- CBD vaping devices

Vape pens are becoming quite popular nowadays, especially among users who want to avoid nicotine. They’re also ideal for those who like smoking CBD discreetly. Vape pens are preassembled vaporisers that contain CBD e-liquid or concentrates, which are transformed into vapour by means of a small heating element. They can be disposable or rechargeable, so they’re usually a gift idea that doesn’t disappoint.


2- Hand-blown glass pipes

Are you looking to spend a little more cash on a fruit-themed pipe? Get crazy with these bright and happy hand-blown glass pipes! They come in the shape of cherries, grapes, oranges, or bananas… So beautiful that you can also use them as decoration! And would you like to make an even bigger impression? Send the banana to your friend and take their cool pipe in the shape of grapes so you can smoke together in a super fruity sesh!


3- Cannabis cookbooks

This is something for those who love cannabis and cooking. Many enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, but recipes are needed to prepare cannabis-infused dishes like brownies, cookies, or salads. And even though there are lots of recipes available on the Internet, there’s still something special about having your own collection of cookbooks in the kitchen. And, who knows, with this type of gift anyone can become an expert in cooking with marijuana.


4- Cannabis perfume

Every Christmas gift guide has something special for that person who already has it all. For anyone in this category, the most common thing to get is a perfume. And if you’re wondering why, the answer is quite simple: you can never have too many perfumes. If you’ve got a friend who loves to smell good and who also loves cannabis, you’ll be pleased to hear that some stores already offer marijuana perfumes! Because it’s not just about smelling good, but also about feeling relaxed and happy after a good spray.


5- Products to hide weed

It may look like the ordinary unisex bum bag where you can carry your marijuana while you’re out and about, but this model will protect it regardless of how sticky it gets: it certainly won’t smell like a marijuana-loaded shoulder bag. Features include a carbon filter, lining with rubber backing, and waterproof zips and iron fittings. Hello Aqualand, goodbye soaked pot!


6- Cannabis oil infusion machine

If there’s a kitchen devotee on your gift list who’s going through a DIY phase, think of this machine as a gadget that’s cute enough to sit centre stage on the countertop. Besides, it’s the closest thing you’re going to find to the mantra “Set it and forget it” when it comes to turning raw cannabis flowers into oils and butters. And it’s not just for experimenting with cannabis edibles: you can also use it to quickly dry other botanicals like basil, lavender, and rosemary, which can then be used to enhance salad dressings and sauces as well as drinks and infusions.


7- Imperial rolling paper

There is a high-end range for things, and then there’s a really high-end range. Devambez, a French firm with roots in the 19th century stationery industry, which provided letterheaded paper to French presidents and European royalty, is definitely in this last category. Their star product is luxury rolling paper made from organic hemp grown in the region of Champagne and ground into watermarked paper in the south of France. The glue line (the sticky bit that seals the rolled joint hermetically) is vegan, pesticide-free acacia gum harvested from trees in Senegal. Hence, the Imperial, a bold booklet which includes 32 king-size rolling papers with an embossed crest, would definitely make a really considerate yet extremely temporary gift.


8- Weed grinder and cone filler

If someone on your gift list has never mastered the art of rolling, consider buying them a robot to help them roll their spliffs by means of grinding and filling. This way, rolling is turned into a task as easy as just pressing a button. Why strain your wrists ever again? Otto is a smart grinder which, guided by sensors and science, channels freshly ground and spongy grass directly into a paper cone. It also comes with two boxes of slow-burning refillable paper cones. Mind you, if the present is for a big user, it’s probably best to purchase additional cones to fill up their stocking!


9- Hand smoke filters

Some neighbours don’t appreciate the smell of cannabis, but there’s no doubt that your flower-smoking friends will really appreciate these hand filters, whatever the distance from their neighbours. This is the most reliable method to keep moist aromas under control, regardless of the size of pipe or joint. For instance, Sploofy’s smoke filter stands out in terms of smoke capacity and efficiency, outperforming many other hand filters. And this company gets bonus points for offering replacement filters made with as little plastic as possible.


10- Cannabis chocolates and gummies

Last but not least, a box of chocolates is always one of the favourite gifts of the holidays, especially when you don’t know what to get or are looking for a last-minute present. For that cannabis fan that you love, a box of choccies can always be improved with a secret ingredient: cannabis. But you can also get gummies, which not only can have the flavour of marijuana but can also be masked with sweet flavours like orange, lemon, elderflower, or grapefruit. This way, you won’t have to worry about a strong cannabis taste that could destroy the pleasure of eating sweets to celebrate Christmas.

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