Influence of the moon on cannabis crops

Influence of the moon on cannabis crops

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In this post we will talk about how lunar phases influence plants and what techniques can be used on each one.

Biodynamic culture

Biodynamic culture is a method that has been perfected over the years, performing different tests with different types of crops. The moon influences all living things by the gravitational attraction it produces. Gradually, you will perfect these cultivation techniques.

We will be reviewing this, phase by phase, so you can use and check for yourself if it works. The influence of the moon affects both outdoors and indoors.

Influence of the moon on cannabis crops

Waxing crescent

In this phase, we can carry out the seeds germination; you will see how they germinate faster and with more vigour than in other phases. This is because groundwater is mobilised by increasing the availability of water in the roots or in the seeds that you are germinating.

In this phase, plants absorb nutrients that go from the roots to the leaves faster, so keep in mind the food you will give them these days.

Full moon

In this phase, the moonlight increases and we can see how the foliage of the plants growths faster. On the contrary, the roots don’t grow so much in this period.

The sap flow begins to be distributed throughout the plant; therefore, we can say that it is a very active phase.

It is not a convenient phase to cut though as the plant will take a long time to root.

Last Quarter

In this phase we can perform all kinds of tasks that are related to the plants roots, the rays of the moon begin to lose intensity. You will see how the development of the plant in its part of foliage slows down these days.

It is also a good time to transplant, cut or prepare mixtures for the roots. To generate a good root is essential for the plants in order to obtain water, oxygen and food.

New Moon

In this period the general development of the plants slows down, the sap is concentrated in the roots. This period is known as the resting period, it is a good phase to install tutors and to do weed control.It is also a good time to provide fertilisers such as humus, composting, organic slurries etc. Finally, it is ideal for pruning or transplanting.

Apogee and Perigee

The point of the orbit closest to Earth is called perigee, while the point farthest from Earth is known as apogee. During these days, as well as the previous and subsequent ones, it is not recommended to do any work with the plants. The days of Apogee and Perigee are not visible to the naked eye, so I suggest that you look at a lunar calendar that corresponds to your hemisphere.

Influence of the moon on cannabis crops

The ascending and descending moon

The moon varies its distance from the earth at all times, this occurs by elliptical movement. Biodynamic cultivation loses fluidity by being closer to Ecuador, there the tides interfere.

When the moon phase is ascendant, the liquids of the plants rise to the aerial part; on the contrary, when the phase is descending, the liquids go down, the sap of the plant increases the underground activity.



To Germinate  Descending / full and crescent moon
To Plant and transplant  Descending / crescent and waning moon
Pests / diseases  Descending / waning moon
Pruning  Descending / waning moon
Growth fertilisers  Descending / crescent, new, waning moon (minerals)
Flowering fertilisers  Descending / crescent and waning moon (mineral)
Cuttings / when to plant them  End of ascending to cut them / early descending moon to plant them.
Harvest Ascending / crescent moon
Seed collection  Ascending / crescent and full moon


I hope you find this post to be helpful and that you can always make a successful cultivation with the help of the moon.

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