Save and enjoy! Top tips for growing marijuana as cheaply as possible

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Contrary to popular belief, growing marijuana doesn’t have to be an expensive activity. With the right attention and a little extra effort, you can grow cannabis on a very small budget. Although there are some things that you shouldn’t skimp on, many of the expenses are superfluous. So, whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, here are some simple tips you can follow to grow marijuana in the most economical way possible.

Many cannabis growers have their own growing style, which is usually the result of hard-earned experience and some trial and error. And cannabis growing can certainly be an expensive hobby, but there are some tricks that you can follow to grow your plants in a way that doesn’t involve any equipment, making it environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and also economical.

One of the most frightening factors for many aspiring growers is the initial cost, which often seems to involve a big investment in complex and automated systems, all based on the recommendations of experts and professionals. But cannabis growing is for everyone, so while you may not be able to start with your dream setup, that doesn’t mean you can’t get started. Here we show you some strategies for growing cannabis that are cost-effective (and sometimes even free!).

Every good grow begins with a good seed

Genetics is the most important factor to consider when looking for a successful grow. And one of the biggest mistakes that rookie growers make is trying to save cash on their seed purchase, because this is the only area where shortcuts really cannot be taken. It is also unnecessary, because you can actually get high-quality seeds at a very reasonable price from banks with a proven quality, such as Kannabia’s.

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You have to keep in mind that autoflowering seeds tend to be more profitable: these plants are smaller and have a significantly shorter life cycle than normal photo-dependent plants. This means that they help to save on electricity costs per harvest and usually require fewer nutrients. Autos are also compact and need minimal space to grow.

You can also choose to grow from cuttings. Once you’ve got hold of a strain that you know you can grow successfully, you can reduce costs (and time!) by growing from its cuttings instead. Simply keep a mother plant from which you can continuously take cuttings to be able to repeatedly grow exactly the same strain.

But before we delve into the details of growing marijuana on a limited budget either indoors or outdoors, let’s cover the general ways that you can save money when starting your own grow.

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Make the most of the power of nature

It may seem obvious, but an easy way to avoid the costs associated with growing is to do it outdoors. For those whose climate and neighbourhood allow them to grow this way, there really is no cheaper way to do it, as all your costs are invested in seeds, soil, and nutrients… whilst Mother Nature takes care of the rest!

Choose an economical growing medium

Your growing medium is where you can actually skimp on costs without losing out on quality. Soil is by far the cheapest method and can produce weed as top-notch as that grown in other mediums. Fortunately, standard potting soil is more than enough: it is relatively cheap and lasts throughout the whole growing season. In addition, it can be enriched to create a highly optimised ‘super soil’ that doesn’t require any additional fertiliser.

Save on nutrients with organic fertilisers

It is debatable whether you need to spend money on nutrients if you already have a high-quality organic potting mix. However, if your plants show any signs of nutrient deficiency, you may regret not having a back-up plan. By making your own compost or compost tea to obtain nutrients, you can save on costly commercial fertilisers whilst becoming ‘organic’ at the same time.

Plant pots

You will need different sized pots for your plants as they grow. Generally speaking, autos won’t need more than a 6 to 11-litre pot when they reach maturity. If you grow photo-dependent strains, you may want 20-litre pots or even larger when they are flowering. Pots aren’t very expensive, but you can always use buckets, cloth bags, wooden boxes…

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a popular strain of cannabis known for its deep purple color and potent sedative effects. Purple Kush is a strain that’s born to thrive. You’ll be able to enjoy dramatic flowering in 60 days, dazzling your garden with a festival of colours and aromas, while purple tones will begin to appear in swollen buds that are loaded with resin from the fourth week.

Reusing is your mantra

Some of the items on your initial shopping list will last you more than a single harvest. Pots can be easily reused, and tools like hoses, pruning scissors, watering cans, etc. often last until they break and need to be replaced. You can also reuse the soil, but you’ll need to remove old roots and sterilise it. Once it’s healthy again, you can replenish it with nutrients and use it a second time.

Get hold of second-hand kit

With the current explosion of applications selling second-hand products, taking advantage of them is an absolute must. There’s no doubt you can put together a professional grow for less than half (or even less) of the budget that you would have had to pay for brand new items. Besides, many growers think too big and oversize their facilities, before realising that they have more equipment than they actually need… So take advantage of this at a bargain price!

With two chairs and a stick: when it comes to setting up a cheap indoor grow, imagination is the limit

Top tips for growing marijuana indoors on a budget

There are other more specific pieces of advice that relate to growing indoors. For instance:

  • Make your own grow tent or grow space. Instead of buying an expensive grow tent, see what furniture you have lying around at home that you can reuse. You can also use tarps to set up spaces in corners, which can lead to great savings from the very beginning.
  • Optimise the space. Having reflective material on the walls of a grow space maximises the amount of light available to your plants; and one of the best materials that you can use for this purpose is Mylar. But Mylar coating isn’t cheap. The best cheap alternative is simply white matt paint. Gloss paint may look brighter, but in reality it actually reflects less light.
  • Electricity costs over time. Your lighting will provide the plant with the energy it needs to grow, so this might not be the area where you want to skimp on costs. LED lamps are much more energy-efficient than other lights like HID, HPS, or MH, but they can actually be more expensive at first due to their high quality and longevity. To help with this, most lighting brands will provide the monthly running cost of the lights in their product description.
  • Buy an all-in-one grow kit. Now, more than ever, retailers are selling all-in-one grow kits at a cost that is ideal for any home grower. By purchasing kits like these, you’ll save on numerous visits to the grow shop. And you’ll also have everything you need without having to find it out by yourself or do any research.
  • Pay attention to ventilation or environmental control. Keeping optimum humidity and temperature conditions is key to producing quality weed. So, if you decide to invest in high-cost items for a grow room or grow space, consider a humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilation system, etc. If you have no cash, you can find cheap second-hand fans or create drafts by opening doors. You can also make a homemade carbon filter to mask the cannabis smell.

Lemon Haze Auto

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Top tips for growing marijuana outdoors on a budget

When you’re growing cannabis outdoors, you won’t have the luxury of getting crops throughout the year, but it can definitely be the way to go for those looking to grow marijuana at a low price. Simply consider these tips to help maximise your cost-saving measures.

  • Select the right location for the highest yields. Choose a place that gets plenty of sunlight, has access to water, and provides some protection from the elements (such as heavy rain). This way, you’ll be saving time, energy, and money, and you’ll be able to focus on other important aspects of your grow. For instance, you’ll want the area to be in full sun for most of the day (for a minimum of 5 – 6 hours per day, and up to 12 hours if possible).
  • Try adding companion plants. Plant your cannabis plants along with other complementary species to naturally protect them from pests. Good cannabis companions include basil, marigold, and mint. These will help protect your buds from unwanted pests, saving on pesticides whilst creating a beautiful and diverse garden at the same time.
  • Protection and training. Strong winds are a serious danger to outdoor plants, especially if they’re tall or have heavy colas. There are many economical ways to properly support and train your plants to ensure a strong stem structure: with a few simple stakes and some string, you can make some great support netting with your very own hands.
When growing outdoors, choosing the best location is the difference between success and failure


When it comes to growing cannabis, the most important aspect to help you save money is probably to take your time to decide, and do the right research before buying products, so you don’t end up buying things that aren’t needed in the end. But obviously, you also have to be realistic: If you try to do everything with only a small budget you cannot expect to grow yielding monsters after the first or second attempt (or maybe not ever). In the end, it all depends on you and on how much you’re willing to spend on your cannabis plants!

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