Yesweskunk launch at Expogrow 2016

Yesweskunk launch at Expogrow 2016

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The latest edition of Expogrow has been the perfect scenario for the launch of www.yesweskunk.com. Much of the attendees dropped by our booth, and we are very grateful for all the support received and the good amount of new readers we got. Readers who, we believe, will keep up to date with the content of the website.



Virtual reality googgles available on our booth were, indeed, one of the top and more fun attractions of the fair, and they were not few. Did you pass by and recorded the video of your friend? Upload it to our social networks!

Moreover, we already know the name of the winner of two-night hotel voucher for two people in Granada, did you leave your postcard in our mailbox? You’ll receive it at your home within a few days.

Yesweskunk launch at Expogrow 2016

Stand Up Comedy with Chico Requena

Among the parallel activities to the fair, we enjoyed Chico Requena show, organised by Kannabia Seeds with the collaboration of yesweskunk.com.

Here is the complete show (in Spanish)





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