What you need to know to get a good harvest

What you need to know to get a good harvest

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The first sign the plant gives that the time has come to cut it will be the amount of trichomes in the buds that have changed colour, usually to an orange-brown or amber colour. The optimum time to harvest marijuana would be when between 40% and 70% have changed colour, not before. It is at this time when THC levels are usually the highest

With the aid of a microscope we can study the color of the trichomes, if they show a whitish colour it is a sign that they are not mature. 

Once you have decided when to harvest marijuana, you need to start thinking about how to harvest. The ambient humidity should be as low as possible to avoid dampening the inside of the marijuana buds. The plants can be cut as a whole, or branch by branch.

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When all branches of the plant have been cut, they should be tied with pieces of twine or string. Scissors should be used to carefully remove the large leaves and some of the smaller leaves (leaving the leaves that surround the buds which have a higher resin content, to increase the production) This way the circulation of air through the buds will not be obstructed. It is also important to pay attention to how to dry marijuana. It is advisable to avoid climates that are too cold or humid, as the drying will occur very slowly and lead to the appearance of mould. Neither are too hot or too dry conditions optimal for drying marijuana buds. The ideal temperature is between 18 and 24ºC and with relative humidity of 45-55% in a dark and ventilated environment.

Once the marijuana is dry, it is important to have a little more patience and allow it to cure properly. There are different ways to do this, depending on what you want to achieve, although in all cases you need to follow one basic rule; avoid contact with sunlight. 

The most effective method is to place the buds in a brown paper bag and move them at least once a day. At this point you should check carefully for fungus or mould, as this needs avoiding at all costs. The conservation time of marijuana with its properties is six months if kept in optimal conditions. After this, it begins to lose quality and part of the THC begins to degrade. It will be important to keep the marijuana in a container that maintains humidity around 60% so that the terpenes are kept in the best possible condition.

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