How to prepare land for outdoor cultivation

How to prepare land for outdoor cultivation

By: Redaccion Grow

When growing a small cultivation it´s important to remember a number of factors that are sometimes overlooked, but are actually vital to ensure success, such as the correct choice of land to be used for your cultivation.

When choosing the land for outdoor marijuana cultivation look for the advantages that it offers. The soil can be excellent way to to correct the pH values ​​of the water used for irrigation in cases where it does not have an optimal pH. It is also possible to correct excesses in fertilizer.

However, not all land will be ideal for growing marijuana. You should look for soil that has a correct electrical conductivity (EC) and water retention ratio so that the roots can absorb the nutrients they need. Commercial land is the easiest option, since it will already contain the ideal proportions of nutrients. It is possible to make a difference between two types of land, the so-called light mix, which incorporates a light fertilizer and the ‘all mix’ with a more complete fertilizer and a preventive function, which can make up for deficiencies that may appear in the future. This type of soil is usually made of a mixture of peat with other additives, such as perlite, humus or guano to enrich the mixture.

If a grower is more experienced, they might decide to make their own mix for their outdoor marijuana. For this it’s necessary to really know the conditions in which the crop will develop. For crops in cold places, the substrate for planting marijuana must be insulated and protect the roots from the cold. This means a substrate with an adequate proportion of perlite and vermiculite. If, on the contrary, it is a self-cultivation in warmer climes, the mixture needs to be able to retain more moisture and have a higher proportion of black and blonde peat.

As a marijuana seeds company we advice you that the information given in this article is only for grows that meet the following requirements:

  1. That cultivation should only be for personal supply and consumption.
  2. That the use and purpose of your cultivation must be therapeutic.
  3. That the plantation should be carried out in the privacy of your own home, similarly the consumption. And most importantly, all information that is given references a small cultivation.

If you do not live in a very cold part of the planet, you may be interested in buying autoflowering marijuana seeds to plant outside.

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