Step by step techniques for marijuana germination

Step by step techniques for marijuana germination

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Before we begin, we would like to state the following:

  1.  That cultivation should be for personal supply and consumption only.
  2.  That the use and purpose of your cultivation must be therapeutic.
  3.  That the plantation should be carried out in the privacy of your own home, similarly the consumption. And most importantly, all information that is given references a small cultivation.

The first and most important thing to do to begin our home grow is to correctly germinate our marijuana seeds.

When germinating seeds, it’s important to take into account the territory in which you live, as this will determine the legal restrictions that may affect your grow.

There are many different techniques for germinating cannabis seeds. Remember that depending on the seed varieties, they will take more or less time to germinate (from 24 hours to 5 days)

What is the best way to germinate marijuana seeds? 

The most advisable method is to germínate your seeds in wet napkins. What do i need to germinate marijuana seeds?

  • Two clean plates
  • Paper napkins
  • Seeds
  • Distilled water.

The first step is to take four napkins and moisten them with distilled water. Pay attention, the napkins should be moist, but not soaked and releasing excess water.

Two of the paper napkins should be placed on the plate. The seed should then be deposited on the layer of wet napkins (if more than one, they must be separated from each other) and should be covered with the remaining two remaining moistened paper napkins.

Finally, it is a good idea to place another clean dish on the napkins and thus create a space protected from light. It is essential to ensure that the temperature of the area remains between 22 and 30 ° C.

In this method of germinating Cannabis seeds, it it important that the seeds have neither an excess nor a lack of moisture. Both too much or too little could jeopardize germination of the seed and cause it to dry or rot.

In addition to this technique, there are other widely-spread methods of germination, although they each have their own issues:

  • Germination of seeds in a glass of water with hydrogen peroxide. If the water is cold or there is an excess of hydrogen peroxide, the seed will not germinate. Please note, although this generates heat, this method is actually less effective than others.
  • Germination of Cannabis seeds directly on soil or jiffy. This method is riskier with varieties that need a little more time, as there is a greater likelihood of a drop in humidity or of drowning the seed.
  • Germination of marijuana seeds in cotton wool. The danger with this technique is that the seed becomes tangled in the cotton wool, making it impossible to remove without causing damage.

It is very important to find the most effective method for your environmental conditions. Don´t forget that proper germination is the first step in the success of your home grow, and that there is no exact formula to bringing the seed to life. If you have had bad luck germinating your seed, remember that you can buy marijuana seeds here. As well you can buy autoflowering cannabis seeds

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